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Thread: Wearing Diapers to Class

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    Default Wearing Diapers to Class

    Hey Everybody,

    I've been contemplating whether or not to wear to class, and was wondering your guys opinions on it. Usually things work out in the sense that my roomate always has class before me, and hence the 30 min prior to my class I have to myself to get ready, as well as a couple of hours post-class that I can change, etc. Most of the lectures are large 100+ people, but the issue is that I have friends in the lecture-- what are your guys thoughts on wearing? I've got abena m4s and depends pull-ons, of which the former would probably be the best for 4 hours of class going? What are your guys thoughts on a) should I wear with friends in the lecture? b) What to wear? c) wetting in the middle of lecture, and d) Ive heard of people wearing underwear over their diapers-- good or bad idea?

    Appreciate your help!!

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    All of my experience wearing around other people is that nobody can tell at all. This includes wet or dry, nobody has ever noticed. I'm sure that's not true for everyone and it is recommended that you don't wear a shirt that is see-through or rides up in the back, since the diaper will stick up above the top of your pants.

    The safest way to do it is to wear a onesie (the snap crotch shirt, not the pajamas), which means it will just look like your shirt is tucked into your pants. Onesies also help keep the diaper from sagging if you're wet and muffle the sound a bit. Wearing underwear over the diaper also muffles the sound, though unless your lecture hall is deathly quiet, I'd be surprised if anyone heard any crinkling at all.

    The rule with wetting, if you do it, is to make sure that you're not going to leak and don't do it if that's not an option. Also wear dark pants.

    As to whether you should do it...well, that's really up to you. It's taking a risk, even if a small one, in order to get some kind of thrill. You have to decide if that's worthwhile to you. I'd also suggest, given that you're getting an education, that if being diapered will distract you from learning, you ought not to do it. That one varies per person, some people find it hard not to be distracted and excited by the diaper, others get all sorts of stuff done while diapered and have no trouble concentrating.

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    I think you'll be fine and you'll love it. Going out and about diapered is an experience in itself. x3 I've gone to uni quite a few times diapered now and as far as I know, no one has ever even batted an eye. First time was nervous but as soon as my first lecture was up everything felt great. Though before I left I was nervously checking myself in the mirror. Mostly worry about things like "does the rim show when I bend over? Does the bulge look really obvious?" stuff like that.
    But in the end I loved it, and I plan to do it again this week.

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    I did it for several years in hs and college. Never had a problem with being noticed, even though I leaked a few times. I felt more comfortable with cloth and plastic pants than with a disposable.

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    I wear everyday to class, nobody will notice. Not unless you're flaunting it somehow. The real concern is the supposed time to yourself in the morning or after classes. If sharing a small room with a roommate that is unaware of your diapers (wearing for fun and not need) then the most compromising position you can be in is a diaper change when they come bursting back in the room to grab that book or calculator they left behind or return exceptionally early due to a cancelled class or simply because they don't want to go.

    You can easily wear all you want in classes and on campus while taking sensible precautions on clothing selection. But assuming that time in a shared room is all your own all the time is dangerous. You really don't know when the other person will return. You have a really good idea on their normal schedule, but that's about it.

    In other words, wearing in your shared room is the most dangerous aspect. Not out and about or in lectures. Not wetting in a class (exempting leaks or odor, beware cloth backed). Simply applying, wearing, removing a diaper in small shared living quarters is asking to be discovered at some point.

    I would suggest that you get used to changing in public toilets, or finding a more private changing area for actually wearing a diaper.

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    A baggy hoodie will help you here, as well as an undershirt tucked into your pants, over the diaper. Yes, underwear will help to muffle the sound a lot, the tighter the better (within reason) and loose pants over those. I've gone out in public several times following those guidelines and haven't been discovered yet. Good luck!

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    For me I don't wear to class mostly because I really want to pay attention when I'm in class and diapers would be really distracting and would make it hard to take notes and stuff. I take my education and classes really seriously though and I realize that other people probably don't take them as seriously as I do (not saying that's a bad thing I'm just making an observation). All that to say personally I wouldn't wear diapers to class, but I have worn them to school related activities like club meetings and stuff. As for wearing with friends in the lecture don't worry about it. People are completely oblivious to any signs you're wearing a diaper. Hell I regularly wear diapers with my pj's and my roommates have never noticed. So don't let the fear of people noticing you be a deterrent because unless you're stupid obvious about it they won't notice. As for what to wear I would go for something a little thinner. Mostly for your own comfort than anything else it can get pretty hot and with jeans diapers can be pretty tight. If you are wearing something thin though it wouldn't hurt to bring a change in your backpack and sneak off to the bathroom to change after you use it. As for wetting in the middle of the lecture all I can say is make sure you know the limits of your diaper before you try that. For most diapers though as long as you change pretty soon after you use it you should be fine. Wearing underwear over the diaper is a way to sort of muffle the crinkle sound but if you wear a cloth backed diaper then this sound is almost non existent so the sound won't be a problem. Underwear is also useful because the underwears waistband can cover the diapers if it peeks out, to this I say just tuck in your shirt or wear a longer shirt. Both are not exceptionally uncommon fashion trends. All of that in mind in general I say go for it. It shouldn't bother anyone else and even if they do see it they will likely assume it's for medical reasons.

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    I wear to school really often. It helps me concentrate, even. In my school we do work in our own "cubicles" or workstations (vocational school) and often I work like 3+ hours straight and with diapers I don't need potty breaks :P

    When I wear in public I wear a onesie over the nappy, boxers over that and then clothing for the weather. It's often very cold in here, so I get to wear layers which makes wearing diapers much more comfortable. My butt won't freeze easy now x)

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    Back when I was in college, my bladder was a bit over active, but if I went back now, I'd have to wear or risk getting up at least once per hour. If I had a 2 hour exam? No way, and they don't like to give bathroom breaks then. I wore a diaper and flannel footed pjs under my jeans once or twice to class in college. The diapers were Depends and only good for 16 to 20 oz. It was fun for me, nobody noticed, and I could concentrate well enough.

    Put it like this: If you died tomorrow, wouldn't you wish you had worn your diaper to class today? It isn't going to hurt anyone, and you get to have the experience of doing it. Use whatever you have that is the most absorbent!

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    As for what to wear, I tend to go with this style. I have this grey night shirt that goes almost all the way to my knees. I wear with it with my baggy jeans (with belt), red plaid button down (unbuttoned), and hoodie wrapped around the waist. Sure it isn't the greatest look, but when you're rocking long hair, facial hair, and a laid back attitude, it works. Luckily in my case, however, people know that I've suffered many injuries and have many issues. Heck, during this trust exercise we had to climb a two story tall thin wall. As for me, I lost my grip going over the top and came down right on the family jewels (and probably busted one of them judging from the pain).

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