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    Default My Baby Retreat

    I'm re-starting another post I made a week ago so that I can post images. (Hope this doesn't violate the rules!) Also, I realized after looking at my mommy's activity logs that I had a detail wrong! So I've corrected it below.

    (I swear this is 100% true! There is a long back story about how my wife and I got to this point, but she willingly caters to my baby side on special occasions and also keeps me diapered at home at certain times she chooses.)
    DAY 1
    As a special treat, my wife took us to a hotel for a 3 day-2 night baby retreat. (We have kids at home so this is impossible normally.) She took our kids to stay with some friends and surprised me when I got home. She was all packed ! She drove us to a hotel, and I had no idea what was going on until we got to the hotel room and there was a crib inside. Not a cheap hotel crib, but a nice wooden one with a soft mattress and Minnie Mouse bedding (I'm a sissy baby). I had, honestly, been expecting a romantic weekend! When I saw the crib, she said, "This isn't what you were expecting." We put all our bags down, and she immediately said, "ok, baby, let's get you undressed." I already had a diaper on. She put in my pacifier and tied it around my head with a ribbon (this stayed on the whole 3 days except for eating), leaving me in a diaper and tshirt. She put me in the crib until she got everything unpacked. I had never slept in a real crib before, and I was worried it wouldn't hold me. But it didn't move or make a sound as she helped me climb in. I fit great -- just had to keep my knees bent, but I was very comfy all curled up. I stayed 100% baby (except to shave the next morning) for the next 43 hours.

    After she got all unpacked, my wife/mommy (just mommy from here on) got me out of the crib and put me in a pretty sun dress that was black and white damask with pink ruffles and matching ruffled panties. (Also a matching head band bow). She also put a pair of cute ruffled socks on me. She put a blanket on the floor and gave me a dolly to play with along with a few other toys. She put on some lullaby music, and I fell asleep on the floor for a little while.
    When I woke up, she said it was time to play dress up. She undressed me and shocked me with a complete Alice in Wonderland outfit, including white tights, a wig and a pair of shoes. We had a little tea party. She then gave me a coloring book and a new box of crayons. I colored for a while, listened to fun music, and mommy gave me some snacks (Gerber crunchy things) and apple juice in a box. After snack, I played with some paper dolls for a bit. Here's a pic (not at retreat) of me in the Alice dress (my mommy won't take pics showing my face because she's concerned for my safety):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Alice little.jpg 
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Name:	Alice little back.jpg 
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    At about 6pm, mommy put on a video for me. (I don't remember what it was -- I remember thinking it was a little scary for a baby girl like me.) After the video, it was BATH TIME! She had special princess bubble soap and I played with bath toys for a long time. She washed me up, and got me out of the tub.

    Next, mommy laid me on the bed and put a fresh diaper and pajamas on me. Of course, she put me in my locking diaper cover so I wouldn't be naughty and try to take off my diaper. The pjs were my favorite pink ones -- a bubble romper made especially for me.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	romper back1small.jpg 
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    When I was dressed, mommy fed me dinner. Baby cereal and sweet potatoes, I think. She put me back on the blanket for some coloring and playing with a sticker book.
    At 8:20pm, she gave me my bottle, checked my diaper, and put me to bed with some music. I whined a little that it was too early, but into my crib I went! Here's my crib:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's mommy's activity log from day one:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4722.jpg 
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    To be continued. . .

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    On day two, mommy woke me up at 8:30, helped me out of my crib and changed me into a clean diaper. Then I played on my blanked while I waited for my bottle. After she held me and fed me the bottle of milk, we listened to kiddie music and had breakfast. Following that, she let me be a big boy and shave so that my skin would be really smooth. When I was all ready, we played dress up again, but this time as Cinderella!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cinder small.jpg 
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    I played with play-do for a little while (so fun!!), and then mommy checked my diaper at 10:30. I was ok, so she didn't change me. Next she painted my nails and I watched a My Little Pony video, followed by coloring (which is my favorite).
    At 11:30, mommy changed my wet diaper and put me into my pretty damask dress and panties, followed with some crib time with books. She fed me lunch at 11:45 and afterward I painted, listened to music and played with paper dolls. When I finally pooped (which I didn't want to do), I didn't want mommy to see it. But she made me lay down and changed my diaper. I was kind of messy and crying, so she put me in the bath tub to clean up and play for a while. I love the bubbles! After bath, she dried me and put a fresh diaper on me. Then she held me and fed me a bottle. At 1:30, I had a wonderful nap in my crib!
    To be continued . . .

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    I am glad you are enjoying your retreat. The Cinderella dress is very cute. Did your mommy go to anyplace special to get the dress or just a local clothing store?

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    You are a very lucky baby girl.

    Sounds like you had lots of fun.
    I really like the crib.

    Being a little boy my self I don't really do sizzy. But I do also like playing dress up.

    In May we have a pirate festival in a town near where I live. And everybody dresses up as a pirate it great fun.

    I look forward to reading more about your wonderful holiday.

    Thank Sisi.

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    Default tall are you? I am interested in how well you fit in that crib!

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    Mommy bought the dresses online. I can ask which store if you like. And I'm about 5'10.5''. The crib is standard size, and I have to sleep with my knees tucked a bit, but still VERY comfy. Way better than I would have thought. I can sleep on my back if I bend my knees and have my feet flat, or put my ankles on the railing. : )

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    That sounds completely amazing! I'm glad you seem to be enjoying your retreat!

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    It was amazing! I'm just writing about it now. It was back in December. I know she's thinking about buying a crib to have me sleep in every night though. She wants to get a folding crib that she can hide from our kids under the bed. I'll be sad not to sleep with mommy, but she knows what's best for me. I'll love being tucked in every night and waiting for her to get me up out of my crib every morning. Maybe we'll even get a mobile for me. : )

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