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Thread: Comfy, Cosy, Snuggly bed :)

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    Default Comfy, Cosy, Snuggly bed :)

    Hey everybody BIG CUDDLES to you all
    Does anybody feel the same as me? Yesterday I put my winter blankey on and it just felt so babyish, like just so big and soft, padded and comfy:? Today I bought some brand new pillows to rest my head on and I can't think of anything better apart from being cuddled to sleep by a lady other than, putting a nice soft comfy Nappy on, bringing my big teddy bear into my bed so I can cuddle and just enjoying the cosyness of my nice comfy cosy Snuggly soft bed

    I am so sorry to waste a Thread everybody, it's just im in deep little space right now with my comfy Nappy, my big teddy bear and my bed

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    Sounds great! I don't think you wasted a thread. I like to sleep diapered with my warm, soft winter pajamas on and a paci in my mouth. That puts me in my little space. Keep warm and dry.

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    I broke out my footed jammies more than a month ago. I always like to sleep diapered with a comforter keeping me safe and warm, along with my plushies.

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    I sleep in my bed, between my side-safety rails covered by my green John Deere Tractor Blankie, and on top of that, my MacAusland's Woolen Mill 100% sheep's wool blankie during the Winter.

    Oh! MacAusland's Woolen Mill is in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
    Yes! They are distant cousins of mine.

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    I have a complex rehab bed,it's nothing more than a giant crib with padded rails because I have can be brought up very high for my aide to help me with personal care or dropped completely to the floor so you can't be hurt if you try and get out and fall.

    I really should call myself an AB since my health is turning me into one, but when I ask for a bottle it better not have formula!

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    Sound really nice.
    A bottle of nice worm milk and a bedtime sorry would top it all off for you.
    Hope you have pleasant dreams.

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