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Thread: Ab/dl multiplayer games?

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    Default Ab/dl multiplayer games?

    This almost less a question and more of a request. I'm just wondering why there are not any real ab/dl MUDS or anything like that. I found one, but I'm not sure I even want to count it since it doesn't seem to be up anymore.

    I just think that a MUD or ASCII style game would be great for the community. So why can't we do it? I get it's one of those things that takes time, but if done as a community for the community I feel it would be worth it.


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    It's possible, The problem is because we are a minority there isn't much content and games so to speak.

    I don't think it would take much time with most modern day programming languages.

    It would be awesome for someone to create something like that

    Even if its a simple as a text based adventure, it would be cool

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    It would be funny if animal crossing completed the baby outfit set. They already have the hat and pacifier. Truth be told, I still have the pacifier on my villager and when people ask, I just say he was at a rave or something.

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    I never played any of the animal crossing games, heh. Closest thing (I think) I've tried is the sims.

    Still though, I kinda wish we could talk some of the coders into starting an open source MUD with AB/DL elements. Just feel like it would be a cool project to pull the community a bit closer together. Especially since a fair bit of the community seems to be into gaming, but maybe I'm just pipe dreaming.

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    I played Animal Crossing a tiny bit. Sister plays it all the time, though.

    I took a look at programming in SMAUG a very long while back. (I was trying to see about getting a MU* set up to host D&D game mechanics when the groups couldn't otherwise meet. Decided on MUF in fuzzball instead.) It doesn't look too hard, but does require someone who knows how to code to implement things (well, SMAUG's website says there's a menu editor now, but I never saw it back then).

    It might be an interesting project, to put the story and setting together. (Lord knows I need any more distractions from my project.)

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    Well this isn't a MUD client thing but I have a dedicated server and I've been hosting abdl servers on it. If your interested you can join the abdl gmod server I setup at this IP:
    Or if you want a quick connect feature : steam://connect/

    As of right now it has a wetable diaper, crib, and age selector, but I will be adding more to it as I go along.

    On a side note if you have anything else you'd like to see done you can just contact me on here or join my abdl teamspeak here at this ip:

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    That sounds really cool! Just wish that I wasn't too afraid to mix this kinda stuff with my "normal" otherwise I'd be joining in a heartbeat. T.T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haziim View Post
    That sounds really cool! Just wish that I wasn't too afraid to mix this kinda stuff with my "normal" otherwise I'd be joining in a heartbeat. T.T
    You can make another account and use steam family sharing to play the game. That way you don't have to pay for it twice and then you can not have it on your public steam. Win win situation

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    Hmmm, may try that, but still would be only able to get on certain hours. The curse of living with other people who walk in randomly lol. Will definitely consider it though.

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    There is a MUD for ABs

    Port: 10185

    All you've gotta do is connect with those settings and create your character :3
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