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Thread: ABU Little Paws

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    Default ABU Little Paws

    I am wearing one right now and have to say it is the best diaper I have ever worn. It fits great, looks really cute, and most important, does its job very well.


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    Default ABU Little Paws

    Well having tried the Space I am likely to agree but why not see how much it can hold, say after 10 consecutive diapers and see if you still think they are best.

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    Nice. I can't wait to try those. There's been so many new diapers come onto the market over the past year or two. I haven't been able to really try any of them. But hopefully, one day, I will.

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    I'm amazed with the quality of these diapers. They are by far the best I have ever tried. And I love the fading paw-prints! My new favorite.

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    I got my half case this week. I already knew I liked the functionality because I've been through over 30 of the Simple. I really LOVE the print.

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    It seems like the new ABU is on a winning streak! I hope they continue this path for a long time to come, can't wait to see the Cushies and SDK version 2.0! I only have one diaper left from my first pack of Space diapers and have concluded that they are the best I have ever had the pleasure of wearing and wetting. I wanted to order a mixed case of space and Littlepawz but they are now out of stock until February

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    Aw snap, just got my SUV package of Little Paws!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BouncyBoy View Post
    Aw snap, just got my SUV package of Little Paws!
    those cases sure can take up some room huh

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    Yeah Little Pawz are definitely my new diaper of choice. They are durable and hold a ton. Plus they are super cute!!!

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    Too bad I have to use the simple white ones up. I am sold on the new pattern.

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