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Thread: Girlfriend starting to like diapers

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    Default Girlfriend starting to like diapers

    A few months ago I told my girlfriend of 8 months about my interest in diapers (wearing myself and attraction to women wearing them). About 1-2 months ago I finally built up the courage to buy some and after a little while my girlfriend was willing to try wearing one for me and peeing in it. Since then, she has done this several times and she has told me that she is starting to really enjoy it and thinks it feels really good to wear/use a diaper. She also really likes to watch me use/wear a diaper and thinks it's "adorable". She seems to get really excited when I mention diapers and always seems quite happy to put one on. She even told me that she may buy some for herself sometime soon. Is there a chance I may be inadvertently (but happily) turning her into a DL?

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    Sounds like you're off to a good start! Go slow and let her take the lead on buying for herself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by englogic1 View Post
    ...turning her into a DL?
    I'd say help her discover her DL side would be more accurate. Anyway sounds like you're a good match for eachother and both are extremely lucky. Have fun with it and enjoy yourselves!

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    I have heard of many people becoming life-long DL's or AB's trough their partner

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    This certainly makes one think. Has she always been attracted to diapers, wanting to wear? Are there some people, especially females, who enjoy wearing and regressing to a younger age for different psychological reasons then say my reasons, or someone who is AB/DL and participates in this because it's a fetish? Maybe it's time for all of us to take a slew of psychology courses!

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    I have taken ton of courses in psychology my Mother was a very respected psychologist who taught it all around the well as hosted psychiatric/ psychology conferences at our estate when she passed away it was given to the board of directors as it was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 Not for profit so that training will go on even after her death and to this day there are several thousand people a year trained in our theatre by former students of hers who are now Doctors themselves.

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    My girlfriend is planning on wearing tonight when we got out to eat for dinner. Needless to say I am very excited and hopefully she feels the same way! I'm thinking about surprising her and wearing as well.

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