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Thread: Protecting your furniture.

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    Default Protecting your furniture.

    So any of you protect your furniture with some sort of pad?

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    I almost always use a pad when I'm wet around the house. Leaks are pretty rare for me but I'd rather not leak on furniture ever. I haven't found any changing pads that I really like since they discontinued my favorite brand. I'm keeping an eye out.

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    Yes I have bed pads and cotton covered rubber sheeting in bed and when I bought new living room furniture a few years ago I took advantage of ordering the matching IC protection from the manufacturer,it is amazing how much furniture that this is an option for but is never mentioned or ordered because what salesman in the right mind asks "joe public" do you pee on your couch,cause if you do I have an app for that.

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    If you are wearing a quality diaper with plastic pants while at home, additional protection for the furniture, other than the bed, probably is unnecessary. An exception would be a recliner or easy chair if you nap and tend to bed wet during your nap. For bedwetters, a reusable absorbent pad is recommended for the bed, in addition to the requisite mattress protector.

    If you think you may have leaked or wicked onto furniture but are not sure which items or where on the piece of furniture, a black light will cause urine, even old stains, to fluoresce, making it easy to find.

    (double incontinent and bedwetter)

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    I got recliners that raise me up to transfer to my wheelchair and also recline flat so company can sleep over.I am prepaired to live in case my doctors at NIH are wrong, keeping my hopes up.

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    I have a washable pad in my arm chair just in case of leaks.

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    What do you guys prefer. Disposable vs washable? And why

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    I I like the washable because you would never know it is there unless it stopes an accident you can thank it as you wash it.

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    i ususally always have disppsable. keep one with me at all times

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    My wheelchair dealer does not believe in the Ic cover from RoHo so I use a Tranquility peach mat

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