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    I just go my new Crosair K70 Key board. Haven't used it much but its pretty awesome so far. It had textured WASD and 1-6 keys for MMO and FPS games.. ITs pretty cool.

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    Looks pretty nice. It's been ages since I purchased a keyboard since I like mine way too much.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sad thing is, I don't think they make these anymore, since steelseries bought ideazon in 2008 and they no longer seem to have zboards on their site.

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    corsair makes some great stuff. looking at my PC .. the case /Memory/ powersupply/ Cpu water Cooler are all corsair.
    and I really love the modern mechanical Keyboards. I use the Cherry Blue which have a nice click to them which reminds me of the original IBM PC keyboards.

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    Very nice. Not for gaming, and I can touch type, but backlighting would be handy in the early morning darkness of my dad's son's basement.

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    The MX Reds are pretty nice and soft, currently typing on those as well And even if people say they are not for writing I think they offer quite a nice feel. Better than almost everything else Cherry switches can do. Except maybe Clears, which are a bit on the heavy side.

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    I have to agree, the K70 is such a good keyboard out of the box, and offers so much more with a few customisations.

    If you bottom out the keys I would highly recommend getting a set of key dampeners as they reduce the *clack* of the keycap on the switch, and also reduce fatigue on your fingers. Also you may wish to try spinning the spacebar 180 as it inverts the angle and can be much more comfortable under the thumbs of some users.

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    have a pair of K95's in this house. same as the 70, expect has the additional macro keys on the side. They are great keyboards. . I started out with the red switches, but took that one back and went with browns instead. i personally find the bit of a feedback bump is better for day to day uses, which is 95% of my computer usage anyway. Great keyboard.
    also the software for the 95 is different than the 70.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karznah View Post
    Also you may wish to try spinning the spacebar 180 as it inverts the angle and can be much more comfortable under the thumbs of some users.
    Haha, even tried it once, but I don't get this trend at all. If you hold your hands at an angle to profit from this my thumbs would be the last thing I worry about.

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