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    Ok so I was wondering how many out there have kept their diaper / Ab fet a secret from parents or friends and like. Or have you told your parents.

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    Only my shrink and one girlfriend I haven't seen in a decade know!

    I did share and wear with a childhood friend around age 7 but that was nearly fifty years ago.

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    Only my wife and best friend know. My parents found out when I was in college and that did not work out well at all. I had to see a shrink.

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    As far as I'm aware it's still a secret to everyone who isn't on here... although I'm skeptical about my mom... I think she may have found the diaper stash once years ago... never said anything though... I know she knows I like panties... also never said anything about it... my last girlfriend knew about and accepted my liking panties...

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    My mom found some used ones in my room once. She thought it was drug related. When she saw me she patted my butt dead center, an obvious diaper check. She got pissy about it when we got home. I just told her it's none of her business and we aren't going to discuss it.
    Some of my good friends certainly know about them, don't know to what extent they know. I don't bring it up. They only brought it up once. We wer shooting guns and maybe they saw a bulge or waistband(it was just an ATN, they barely have a bulge under pants i think). So they start chanting "cacapeepeepoopoo pants" I just ignored them til they had their laughs. But they know they get too vicious I'll blacken their eye. Plus, I've seen a couple of them piss their pants at concerts, muahahaha.

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    My mother knows, a few of my closer friends know other than that no one knows or needs to know what I wear under my clothes.

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    Only person knows is my wife. But i had kept it a secret for many years before i told her. My kids dont know and none of my family or friends know.

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    Three of my friends know and are cool with it. One plays along sometimes and will give me challenges to make me wet myself once in a while because she's awesome. My parents know but they reacted pretty negatively and we basically never talk about it. When it has come up, their advice has always been to just minimize it or stop wearing diapers as much as possible, which is a bit frustrating

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    My wife is the only person that knows I have to wear diapers. I want to keep it that way.

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    I've only told one friend and I think my mom knows

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