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Thread: Warframe Let play together :D

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    Default Warframe Let play together :D

    I'm thinking of stating a chat server for the abdl crowd for warframe. Anyone interested?

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    I just started up again with warframe a few days ago. I'd potentially be interested in hopping on for a few rounds, but my available time is pretty sporadic when it comes to group play.

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    Watch out for when my Jat Kittag and Rhino P get in the fight XD

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    Sargent Sully (xbox one). Just note, I'll probably set myself to offline before joining the party because some of my xbox live friends know me in real life and have loose lips.

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    Default I dont play on Xbox...

    Quote Originally Posted by silentdreamer1996 View Post
    Hey Eldrick, what's your tag?
    Yeah i dont play on xbox sadly i play PC

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    I play on PC.
    Right now my PC is not capable of running Warframe properly, though. Getting my burnt out graphics card replaced, but it might be a while.
    I'm not really comfortable dropping my in-game name this openly, but if you want I'll message it to you.

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    PC Warframe player and actually i think ill keep my ign private so send me a message on here and ill reply ASAP =P

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    Mastery Rank 13 and proud owner of all frames in game. If you need a carry, message me


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