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Thread: Attends Slip Active 10, anyone tried 'em?

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    Default Attends Slip Active 10, anyone tried 'em?

    I just got a 2-pack on eBay...and these are incredibly soft and comfy. My fav was the typical Attends diaper, but these took the spot now.

    They look a little similar to the newer baby diapers of today, which have stretchy strips which go around the hips and fasten with a combo of tape and Velcro near the front, but Attends' strips are not elastic. Regardless, that alone makes the diaper feel more babyish than the old Attends: I got used to the tapes tugging on the sides but now they tug towards the front...making the diaper feel more realistic. The diaper rides up the back perfectly, rides up the front just like a baby diaper would, the elastic does the job well...even with a Pampers 7 stuffer.

    The plastic is good, but these are reportedly the last of the plastic generation of Attends Slips, so no more '60s/'70s/'80s plastic diaper nostalgia. The diapers are small enough to carry very discreetly...and perform better than regular Attends. I love wearing these diapers.

    Now, if there was a way to just get a case over here without busting the bank...
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    You should try the Attends Adjustable 10 then ;-) In my oppinion that is the most baby-ish adult diaper on the market right now. The barriers and elastics are great! And it has the stretchy strips like real baby diapers.

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    Yes! To both of you!

    The Attends Adjustable and the Attends Slip Active are my choice of diapers to wear because of the reasons you both mentioned. Sure, they don't have any print, but outside of that they're the ones who look and feel the most like modern baby diapers. These are the diapers that make me feel the most little out of all the others.

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