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    As some of you may know, I have been making my own cloth nappies.

    Yesterday I pulled another set out to make another nappy and my wife came over and helped me to redesign it to make it fit better and so that the cloth didn't fold out from the waterproofing.
    I still did all the work and the sewing but she kept coming to check that I was going ok.

    To understand how big this is for me. I told my wife I'm a DL in October last year. She accepted it almost straight away, however she said she didn't want anything to do with it. She laid the ground rules down and that was that. We have only discussed it one other time which got a bit heated but we worked it out.

    It seems to me that she is getting used to it and starting to be involved in her own way......

    I'm soooo happy,

    Just proves to you. Little steps and no pushing goes a long way. It can be frustrating at times as one gets excited about something involving my nappies but can't express it to my wife. But things are looking up and on the way up.


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    Awesome! It's great when partners are accepting, accommodating, or even start participating. I'm happy for ya!

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    I'm happy for you that this is slowly working out. This has been the advise I've been giving on this site for some time, to take things slowly and in incremental steps. Actually, it makes sense. People can only absorb so much in a given time span. It take awhile for the mind to wrap itself around very new concepts.

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    Dang. So lucky. I hope to one day, find a girl like that.

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