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Thread: Best place to order from for Ontario residents?

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    Default Best place to order from for Ontario residents?

    I am saving a lot of money since moving to my new place, and have a place to store all my ABDL things (Finally a place to keep my baba and Paci, as well as my padding!)

    That said, I'm in Ontario, Canada, and I'm looking to order some new nappies. I could go to Walmart and get a bag or two of Equate diapers, or I could get something a little more specialized. Does anyone have experience ordering online in Ontario? Some store that isn't super over priced, or ridiculous for shipping?

    Fankyoos in advance!

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    phew $40 just for a bag of Abena L4 >3<

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildRoseBaby View Post
    How far from the rearz store do you live?
    Abbooouuutttt 3 hours

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    The best bet for anyone in Canada is to order cases to save shipping or find a medical supply store to buy bags.

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    I just ordered from Rearz. If you are looking for premium diapers, it's pretty much the best place to order from. If you are looking for just your typical medical kind of diapers ... then I would just search google to see if there are any stores that have a deal.

    Sadly, I also am about 2 - 3 hours away from their store, other wise that would probably be the cheapest way to do it.

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    If you want medical diapers try HealthWick, I've ordered from them a few times, it ships from Oakville.

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    If you're in the western part of the GTA, Glen Erin Pharmacy in Mississauga is a great place to buy both medical and fetish diapers.

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    Agecomfort is cheaper than Healthwick and free delivery on cases. Healthwick are quicker though. Haven't heard of glen Erin, I'll have to check it out, however Rearz is not so much further for me.

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