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Thread: ABU Cushies - Last chance to order ?

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    Default ABU Cushies - Last chance to order ?

    So I was checking out ABU's facebook and I noticed a post that says:
    "LAST CHANCE ! - To order the "original" Plastic Backed Cushies Design before they're gone forever"

    What does this mean ? No more cushies ? Or new, improved cushies later ? I can't add a picture because I am not on my PC, check out their facebook.

    Edit: Another post by ABU says: "REMINDER - Design 2.0 for Cushie & Super Dry Kids is coming soon!"

    I guess we'll be getting new designs !

    ABUniverse Facebook

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    I hope they keep the single tape design. I always seem to get a better fit with them. 60% more absorbancy is certainly appealing!

    I wonder if this will affect the cloth backed? I would think not since they're not even a year old yet.

    Exciting times! If they keep the single tapes they may replace Bellissimos as my favorite.

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    I will also plan to switch to the SDK's when they come out, assuming that what they say is true about their thickness and absorbency. I will be getting Attends through Medicaid, to cover periods when I am struggling financially. The drawback to that brand, is that I will have to buy separate liners for them. So they may not be much of a bargain compared to the SDK's.

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    I remember sending a message to the ABU team, and they told me that the cloth-backed cushies were not affected by the new changes. If that's true, it kinda sucks :/

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    I'm fine with them not being changed. They may not hold a lot, but as a DL I think they're perfect for Summer nights.

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    Oh yeah, they're still fantastic. It's the one cloth-backed diaper I really enjoy

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    Oh I'm sure they're just ging to put new patterns on the same shells. It costs them a lot more to change physical construction than to just upload a new pattern to the factory in china. But this is kinda nice, "keeping it fresh"

    Sometimes change is good, sometimes it's bad. If it's good, just stick with it and be better off. If it's worse, just switch back. This is how innovation works to make products better.

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    I like the SDK and Cushies 1.0 design. I know many here like thicker diapers but I like that they are/were thin and very crinkly. I could wear them under jeans and go out and not worry about the bulk being noticeable. The new Space Diapers and the LittlePawz are cute and really absorb a lot they're a bit too thick to conceal under jeans. I hope the new SDKs and Cushies don't get too thick yet retain their crinkly noise level!

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