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    Hi there

    so previous week my friend for quite some time came out as LG... it was a random converstaion and then it happened...

    we had a quite a long conversation and i came out to her as DL and a potential daddy,

    she now wants me to diaper her and i'm super nervous since i never diapered anyone else than me... is there any reason to be nervous or am i just overreacting ?

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    It's intimate and you haven't done it for anyone before, much less with your friend, so I'd say some nervousness is normal. When I first did caretaking for a friend, we had talked about it a fair bit beforehand but when he finally visited, I think we were so leery of being overeager and creepy we didn't even get to it. We have other interests together, so it's not like we just sat and stared at one another. We finally got over the major awkwardness but it's sort of unusual territory for most people, particularly if it's platonic and recreational.

    My best advice would be to be open about your nervousness and your enthusiasm (presuming the latter exists). The sooner you can help each other get over the strangeness, the sooner you can start enjoying it, if you're going to find it enjoyable.

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