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Thread: Convert a Nappy

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyboy View Post
    That only deal with waist, the rise will still be a problem.
    Too right! Actually, I've made one for myself that deals with the rise issue too, but it's not perfect. I need to work on it some more. To anybody who wants to dabble in this themselves, I would suggest simply getting a yard or two of felt--baby blue or pink would be nice choices --and a roll of Velcro One-Wrap. The fine One-Wrap is extremely diaper-compatible, and also adheres well to felt. No sewing required! Let your imagination (or engineering skills) do the rest. I really should do a write-up on my own efforts here...

    EDIT: But I don't mean to criticize this person's creation too much. I actually love that somebody is making this stuff for sale. It seems like a great AB/DL product idea in general.

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    Hi Guys,

    That's my listing, I did post it yesterday, but the moderator rejected my post for some reason.

    I am working on a mark 2 right now that deals with the rise. For me it works perfectly - Tesco or Pampers Size 6+ comes up far enough at the front and the back for it to fit me perfectly - I'm wearing a Pampers size 6+ right now posting this, with my belt. I bought the stuff for the mark 2, and am making the first one tomorrow, as I have received a few orders that I need to fulfil.

    I've peed heavily in 2 tesco 6+es and had a little pee in my current pampers 6+ today, no leaks yet, and way more comfy and less itchy than drynites.

    The new design uses small plastic snaps to secure the front tabs and to make the velcro tabs on the side adjustable for size (as nappies and people vary in width)

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    cool celticbabyboy, I would love to see the one that deals with the rise issue.

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    Thats pretty neat, if it wouldnt cost so much to get them to the usa I would at least try them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celticbabyboy View Post
    That's my listing, I did post it yesterday, but the moderator rejected my post for some reason.
    It's an anti-spam/anti-troll precaution. Until you have achieved Established Contibutor status (20+ posts and 7+ days of membership), URLs and email addresses are automatically moderated.

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    You can do the same thing with the tabs ripped off another diaper or just use tape.

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