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Thread: Does having a bit of a gut make it difficult to diaper yourself comfortably?

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    Default Does having a bit of a gut make it difficult to diaper yourself comfortably?

    for me its like some days i get it right, other days not so much, and some days still it ends up being so wrong that i opt out of being padded that night. its just hard for me to get a snug fit because of how my gut sticks out, while at the same time not have it be too constricting or uncomfortable.

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    When I had a gut the problem for me was sizing issues, mediums were too small and larges were too big. Pay close attention to what you are doing on the days you get it right! Where did you place the tapes? How high do you bring up the front of the diaper? How did you diaper up, standing, laying down? Personally I started getting a better feeling fit when I realized the front of the diaper needs to come up farther on my tummy than I thought. You could be the opposite and get a better feeling fit when the front is lower to compensate having a belly. Do you think you might need to try going to a bigger size? After several years I still don't get the tapes perfect on the first attempt! This is why I buy diapers with a landing zone and high quality tapes that I can refasten several times for that perfect fit feeling. ABU's new Space/LittlePawz/Simple and Bambino (from late 2014 - early 2015) have awesome (the best in my opinion) tapes for "getting it right". Warning: Bambino diapers are/were sized smaller than other brands making it harder to select the right size. If you have to wear cheaper diapers, I understand, just pay attention to where you place the tapes!

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    It also helps to put a few on laying down just not super tight because when you do get up and expand they get tighter.

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    the size isnt the issue, mine fit fine, just getting them on comfortably is a bit of a problem due to my tummy ^^;

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    I have the same issue that's why I prefer cloth backed diapers I have less issues with the tapes and I can refasten them over and over and not have to worry about the diaper falling apart

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLMunky View Post
    When I had a gut the problem for me was sizing issues, mediums were too small and larges were too big.
    I think the best thing to do when that happens is to change to a different brand that is half a size off. There's plenty of variation there.

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    it might also be that its causing me to put it on in such a way that the front is higher then the back? when they should be the same level.

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    I have a gut and the same problem. I wear Abenas size large. They would always sag on me. Now I tape the bottom tape up and the top tape down (some advice I got here) and wear a onsie

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    Overall I'm probably on the skinnier side, but I think I have a lil bit of a gut (most fat on me is around my belly). I use to have problems getting it to fit right, but I feel I'm starting to get it down.

    I usually diaper myself up in a lying down position. I found that making sure the front and back are relatively even and remembering to have my legs spread apart when I'm taping up helps. Angling the lower tapes upwards and upper tapes downwards (so it kinda looks like ><) can also help. The upper tapes are almost always a little tighter/closer together towards the center of the front compared to the lower tapes.

    Also, each diaper can have a different fit. You may find that once brand fits you better than others. I personally like Abenas fit.

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    Since beating off my high metabolism problem a second time I am a bit bigger in the belly,we call it the Buddha belly that is kind of well known by most people in wheelchairs,however I honestly don't have a lick of fat anywhere else because my weight got down to 82 pounds last year and I'm working hard to get back to a healthy weight, but I must say that the need for 5-6 K off calories a day during those high metabolic periods allows you to eat everything in sight,and that saying once on the lips forever on the hips is a non issue.

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