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Thread: New Version of Goodnites.

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    Default New Version of Goodnites.

    Just to let those of you who use them know there is a new version of goodnites out in the stores.

    Instead of the 25% more stretchier statement on the front of the bag they now state "5 Layer Protection" which is an increase in absorbency.

    They are a bit thicker than the previous version in the XL size, however no changes otherwise.

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    That's interesting. I know parents have complained. The nice thing about buying through Amazon is that they have real buyers rate the products, and if you read those, there are a lot of complaints from parents about leaking. I guess the company took them seriously.

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    Will be looking forward to trying them soon. I use sleep pants rather than diapers and been begrudgingly am making my way through I'll fitting store brand ones.

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    Sorry, I have no way of giving you photos where I am at currently. I just saw them while on vacation with family in Florida and couldn't buy them.

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    I found these pictures in some of the Kimberly Clark XML data after reading this topic.

    Goodnites S/M 5-Layer Protection (Boys - Ironman) #1

    Goodnites S/M 5-Layer Protection (Boys - Ironman) #2

    Goodnites S/M 5-Layer Protection (Girls - Cinderalla) #1

    Goodnites S/M 5-Layer Protection (Girls - Cinderalla) #2

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    I noticed the new boxes as well but I don't think that it's a change in design. There are normally many layers in the design (from top to bottom in the 5-layer picture on the packages): outer cloth-like cover, plastic moisture barrier, inner cloth-like cover, absorbent core (cottony material and superabsorbent polymer crystals), and inner permeable cover. That's 5 layers (there's also the surge pad in the central section between the core and inner layer, to spread fluid around).

    Just consider how many layers it must have to even function: plastic outer layer (crinkly!), absorbent core, and inner permeable barrier. So the extra two layers are just the sound-dampening cover and cloth-like cover. Only the absorbent layer actually does the work, along with the plastic barrier to keep it from soaking through. The others aren't there for protection, just other functions. So I see it as just an excuse to update the packaging. Note that it doesn't say "new" by the 5-layer diagram.

    With an issue like occasional leaks, it's easy to be told that it's been improved and then to believe that they are happening less often. Placebo 101.

    But hey, I'd be glad to be shown wrong and that they have been improved!

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    Are you sure that they are thicker? Sadly, it's way more common for Goodnites to simply change the package, than actually change the product. Every so often you'd see "New and Improved" appear on the pack, and nothing was actually changed on the product itself. I'm kind of thinking like Prairie, and that there wasn't actually a product change.

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    For reference, a pre-5-layer-packaging L/XL pant weighs about 56 grams.

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    Has the new 5 layer packaging been added to the L/XL size, or is it only S/M?

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