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    Default Formula + not enough iron

    Hi guys,

    I was thinking of trying out baby formula, but a lot of the posts I found on this topic say that baby formula is bad for adults because there's too much iron in it. The thing is, I used to have not enough iron in my blood, it was really severe but is better now, so I thought it might be fine if I use the non-low-iron one.

    Does anyone have a more educated medical opinion on that?


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    It could be constipation eat some figs dates raisins or prunes to be safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    It could be constipation eat some figs dates raisins or prunes to be safe
    I'm...not sure what you mean by that, maybe I used the wrong words, I don't know all the english medical terms. I don't have constipation, there's just not enough iron in my blood stream (do you say that in English? I might be wrong...) which makes me tired all the time.

    Anyway, my question was whether there could be any negative side effects on drinking baby formula as an adult? I found some for ages 2 and up, so it shouldn't be too different...

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    I worked on calcium research project back in 1988 and the finding was that in a high calcium diet (milk diet) the high dose had an iron deficient anemia. The issue is that Calcium uptake and Iron up take are the same pathway. The body has a higher affinity to calcium then iron.

    This is why it is suggested that one never uses a high iron/high calcium multivitamin. It would be better to take a high calcium multivitamin at one time and 8 hours later take an iron supplement.

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    I understood you just fine, I don't understand where Tetra got the constipation from ??? I understood quite well that you were talking about anemia.

    If you need more iron, then it is good to eat and drink things with a lot of iron in it, right? When I was low on iron, I ate parsley and drank red juices (red berries have iron) but I did not know about baby formula! Maybe someone knows more? A lot of people here drink baby formula without any problems, though.

    EDIT: Ah, you got an answer while I was writing, good :3

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    Thank you guys^^ I checked the information on the formula I bought and it has indeed a lot of calcium...I guess I just have to take care not to drink too much of it (and maybe eat more high-iron foods...). But I've been drinking regular milk almost every day of my life and haven't had any problems (the low iron stuff was because of my vegetarian phase), and I actually think when I've finished this package I'll just go back to regular milk, it tastes better :P

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    I can't speak to your specific question on iron but I don't think the occasional use of baby formula would do any harm. Someone drinking formula a lot, on the other hand, may get into trouble. This all depends on how much is used, the specific minerals in the baby formula and the person's medical condition.

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