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Thread: just got a pacifier

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    Default just got a pacifier

    I just got a pacifier and it is strange how relaxing it is. I am more of a DL but I thought I would try a paci just to see and holy cow I think I am finding a bit of ab in me

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    Thanks and I just got a dollar store one nothing special

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisi View Post
    Welcome to the nursery.
    Just read this back. It sound kind of spockie if you say it in a certain way.
    All that's needed is the evil laugh " Welcome to the nursery!" har, har, har. Wach out for the others.

    Ok I need to carm down. It just my norty sťance of humour getting me in to trubel no doubt.

    Pasfies carm little guys like me down and distresses us.

    Try a cuddly toy to take to bed, you'll be amazed how well that works.

    Have fun


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    ... and search for some in adult size. Baby pacis are... small.

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    I love my pacis, use to only use them every so often when I was upset or playing but the last year I have had horrible migraine pain daily - yup for months and it never goes away. I am surprised at how much sucking on it helps me emotional deal with the pain. Too bad it's not normal to use in public .... sigh ..... we will keep it at home. Now if only nuk 5 wasn't so expensive .... and the stupid dollar isn't helping either!

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    If you think you might like an adult sized paci, but don't want to commit to the price of a nuk 5, there's a shop on Etsy called Big Tots that has them cheaper. That's where I got mine and I love it.

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    I got a nuk5 from amazon and loved it .... that's the problem!! Its been in my mouth almost every moment Ive been home since I got it. I think I might bite through it pretty quickly (doesn't seem as strong of latex as the baby ones).

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