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    Default coming out of lurker mode

    So apparently I haven't logged into the site since Oct. 2011. Can't really remember why I did back then even. But, I wanted to get back on, since I'm a little more 'active' as of recent.

    No AB for me, purely DL, and only very very part-time. I can only indulge when my wife is out of town, and she normally works online, from home, so it's somewhat rare that she goes on a trip alone. In the last couple months she's been out of town 2 times for a full week (what fun weeks those were), and a couple of random over-night's here and there though.

    At the earliest, I remember being around 5 or 6 years old, and stealing a couple diapers from my little sisters room. When I reached puberty and discovered the joys of masturbation, I found great pleasure in finishing myself on menstrual pads I would take from my mom and sister (clean and fresh, no thanks on the used ones). As time went on, and I moved out, I found myself (and still do this to this day) snooping around in female friends bathrooms for products and snagging one or two pads from time to time. Maybe this has something to do with my DL-ness?

    Some years later, I was out at a friend's place, and while doing some laundry in their pool house, discovered some store-brand pull-up briefs in a cupboard. It highly aroused me, and I snagged a couple. Later at home, I... tended to my need... while wearing a set, and had one of the best orgasms of my life. I then bought a sample pack of misc. brands, and after going through those (some masturbation, lots of wettings), picked one (think it was attends w/ the 6 tapes) and ordered a case. That was fun. I didn't have a girlfriend at the time, and wore most evenings when my roommate wasn't home, or if I knew for sure I wouldn't be discovered. Then, I had a series of girlfriends, and purged when I moved in with my wife-to-be.

    Since then, I haven't had any diapers, though the internet makes for an ok second place (wetting, so hot). Technology and changes in online shopping have definitely changed how safe and simple it is to order diapers though. I ordered a bag of Abena L4's via Amazon, delivered to an Amazon Locker near my work, a few days before my wife was heading out of town on a trip. A wonderful week, wearing, wetting, gave messing a try (not for me), and got to sleep in them. And again, the wife was recently out of town, so just before she left, I ordered another bag of L4's and after reading a lot of reviews, decided to give the Dry 24/7 a try (that's for another thread).

    I should make mention, my wife and I have been fairly... traditional... in the bedroom, and I think me divulging to her that I am a DL would cause a definite rift in the household. But, she has been becoming a little more adventuresome sexually lately (she feels very taboo using a vibrator, but it drives me *wild* when she does), I have picked up some sex games to help us break out of our shells a little bit, and am thinking the time might be coming down the road soon here.

    So, that's a *lot* about me. I'm back. We'll see how it goes.

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    Hello jamesbob and welcome to the group.

    Very nice intro.


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