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Thread: Sad today, got told I was too old.

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    Default Sad today, got told I was too old.

    So my grandparents and I were in Walmart today and they have tons of Valentine day stuff out, and that includes 100's of different stuffed animals. I found one that I thought was adorable. It was just a basic teddy bear, brown, soft and hugable.

    I was looking at it and my grandmother said "No, your too old for stuffed animals"

    My heart broke there, even though I wasn't going to ask for it due to the price, $40usd. It was roughly 2.5 to 3 feet tall.

    Just hearing my grandmother say that, knocked me into reality a little bit. Oh well, I'm still going to wear diapers and have fun.

    Maybe I can find a job this year and get me a room full of stuffed animals

    I'm sure others have been told the same. I thought I would share and get it off my chest.

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    Ohhhh, I'm sorry. Well, don't take it personal, they are part of an old mentality about expectations on adults. Even people who aren't AB would find having a huge teddy bear fun.

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    Thank You

    Haha, I didn't take it personal, I love my grandparents to death. I know they mean well for everything they say to me and do for me.

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    See, in my view, I would not be too sad about it. Heck, I was told I am too old to watch anime. XD In fact, I have been told I am too old for a lot of things, even video games at one point.
    Depending on the time frame someone lived in, things are viewed from a pretty different perspective. Also, on many occasions people can even use that line just as more of a joke to make the final decision on a purchase :P.

    When I go shopping with my Mom, I am always ruining it for her. She picks up a pair of shoes and says they are nice, and I look at them and say "Ya, if your goal is to look like a Genie or something" ... she puts them back and then gives me the eye. She then picks up another pair and I say "leprechaun shoes, maybe when you put them on we can find a pot of gold."

    I know it's not exactly the same, but I mean it is sort of similar. Same with candy. If you go for something like a baby bottle pop, someone may say you are to old .. but in reality it's no different than any of the other candy XD.

    Also .. ya I like giving my Mom a hard time when she shops, it's just too fun :P

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    It would be nice to be able to go shopping with another AB/DL/Little. I think it would be so much fun.

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    See, this is the good thing about being 68 or older. Senility makes all the excuses you need. Oh, poor old dude with the teddy bear. He probably needs diapers too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyMastiff View Post

    It would be nice to be able to go shopping with another AB/DL/Little. I think it would be so much fun.
    I am a bit confused now. When I said my mom, I meant my real mom. Not like a caretaker or anything like that o.o.
    However, I do agree with you regardless. In fact I love shopping with others, I wish I could do it more often.

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    Hi sisi hear

    I know that felling. My mum told me grown up now and I wasn't able to behave this way anymore.

    Spent years trying to be a adult.

    Let me to being depressed and I cried a lot.

    Important to be yourself and I'm sure your family will except you who you are.

    Hope th is is helpfull.

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    I admit to sometimes thinking that I am too old to be playing with LEGO, MEGA BLOKS, and toy cars and trucks.
    But I do those things anyway, just to keep my own sanity.

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    Sisi, I kind of know how you feel. At the age of six, I became an uncle and was told to grow up and act older to set an example for my nieces and nephews. It just tore me apart. I mean telling a teenager this is expected, but to a six year old who took everything seriously? They even had the guts to say just be yourself after having me deny my true self for so long. Recently I've been planning on growing my hair out again, but everyone in my family is opposed. My grandma freaks out because it is untraditional. My parents think I look like a hobo or slob. My sisters think it is just a hideous look. There I am in the center of all this saying "What ever happened to being just be yourself?"

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