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Thread: New to diapers - what do you recommend?

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    Default New to diapers - what do you recommend?

    I've always had a diaper fetish, and for the first time ordered a 10 pack of depends.. and they are just awful. They leaked after one wetting in bed, both with and without stuffing them. I'm ideally looking for one with the side strap things, and a cute print (like cuddlz) but my only problem is they only do a size medium whereas i'm a 27 inch waist and probably need a small, especially as I like tight diapers to the point where it looks like i'm wearing a child's sized one. Oh and I live in the UK.

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    I have about the same waist size as you! Yeah depends kind of suck.. A good bet for you might be goodnites/underjams, though they don't have the side strap thing. They fit me well and have kinda a babyish feel which I like. Of course you can't go wrong with abena m4 (they should fit you, but probably won't have a "tight" fit). Another thing which has worked for me is to take several pampers size 7 and extend the tabs. They might advertise as 41+ lbs but I can vouch for them working for a 28 inch waist 110 lbs person as long as you extend the tabs!

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    I highly recommend Abena M4. Though not a cute print and more medical in appearance, they have very good absorbancy, the tapes are decent and you can get the tapes pretty snug. The only issue I see is that you say you might need size small and the plastic backed only comes in sizes Medium or Large but if you don't mind cloth backed then you're good.

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    You could have a look at nappiesRus their based here in the UK and they have a big range of products to choose from including Crinklz and ABU ones if you want something with a cute print. You can always email them and ask about the sizing issue. Apart from Cuddlz I have heard people recommend nappies from Gompels healthcare as very affordable but they are plain as they are not specifically ABDL orientated and you would want to contact them to ask them to put them in discreet packaging. Otherwise you could try looking for good sellers on ebay I've just got some nappies from this seller and although the nappies haven't arrived yet I could thoroughly recommend him based on his communication so far.

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    Really impressed with the Northshore Care Supreme. They are a product of France so you might be able to find them over there?

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    Try Dry 24/7's their a great diaper I wear them 24/7 for my OAB issue

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    Hiya also in the UK... you could try Always Discreet... they are pullups though... Tena do small sizes give them a try... Agree with others Abena's are good... try based in Germany priced in Euro's so even with courier charges often cheaper than the UK and have an enormous choice... i have used they several times and found to be very good... shipping usually approx 5 days... good luck and enjoy experimenting...

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