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    I went to put on a diaper and ripped part of the plastic covering in the front from the tape. I had just put it on and didn't want to waste it so I put on another diaper over it (after I made some slits on the first diaper). Whoa! That was so thick! It held prolly at least 6 settings before I had to start waddling. Lol. I had the Absorbency Plus level 4 with the Dry 24/7 over it.

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    I did the same with two dependeco cloth diapers that also had two boosters. It was super comfortable and the thickest diapers I've ever worn.

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    If I use "cheap" medical supply diapers, then I usually double up, for leaks and bulk of course.

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    I used to double /triple/quadruple depends when that's all I could get. And they still leaked easily :p but I just recently tried goodnites trufit inserts in a Bambino Teddy and they lasted almost as long as a Bellissimo or Space! If I put one in a Space, I bet it would last the whole day :p

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    I've done this before but has been a few years since I have done it though, the thickness was the best part.

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    i double my diaper if i have bad quality diaper to wear or if i dont trust the diaper i wear
    most of times i love how thick they are and the bulge

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    I personally am not as much of a fan of double diapers, but my girlfriend loves it. She loves the thickness and somehow says it's more comfy. Of course, she likes to be changed pretty quickly after she pees, so that second diaper is strictly cosmetic and goes entirely to waste for practical uses...ugh!

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    I'm going to have to remember this for the future. Every once in a while the bottom of my L4s will get caught in the zipper of the laptop case I use as a diaper bag and there'll be a little hole right at the bottom where the absorbent fluff is exposed. In the future if that happens I'll just hold that one over for a night and double up.

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