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Thread: Fave ABDL Art/Artists?

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    Default Fave ABDL Art/Artists?

    As an ABDL doodler myself I was wondering what people thought of ABDL art on sites like DeviantArt.

    Do you guys have any fave ABDL artists? Are there any pieces of ABDL art that you keep coming back to? Are YOU an ABDL artist yourself? Answer me, Goddammit. <3

    In other news here's my dA:
    you don't have to click it but yeah it'd be cool if you did. Thanks for reading this little grey bit <3

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    Hi yes I live painting.

    He he and getting messie. I also like colouring in.

    What art do you do? And what do you use.

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    I could never get to grips with painting... I like drawing best

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    SketchMan for humans and ToddlerGirl/BabyStar for furry are the first to come to mind.

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    Cool! SketchMan is fantastic.

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    I can't say I have any particular favorites. Almost all AB/DL artists that I know are much like myself. Good ... but not fantastic. SketchMan I suppose is one of the better ones though. Also considering I have been gone from the community over at DeviantArt for so long, I am shocked not many of them have improved much since. I mean we are talking years.

    I am getting back into drawing again and will be doing so for the AB/DL community over at DeviantArt, but I am not going to really get involved in all the drama that tends to occur there. I made that mistake once already.

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    Well, on Furaffinity

    There is Babystar/Toddlergirl (which from my understanding is actually the same person), she has the best comic, still running, about Babystar.
    And also Wen who just has the most adorable art I have ever seen in my life and it makes me want to explode.
    And there is also Kalida who has amazing art, also beyond adorable, and made my picture.

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    In the less-extreme possibly ok to post here category, TamaeFTT and Carotte come to mind immediately, as well as Babystar.

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    NinoSatori, Sketchman, Tamaeftt, Rinnono, Toddlergirl, Aweye, Robbieftt, Geotastic, Growliez, and DonteHira are some of my favorites. Lol I've been visiting (and more recently, participating) in the Deviantart ABDL community a lot longer than I've been coming to this site. My account name on there is genericusername0.
    Also, I've read that comic on Sammy's BabyStar account, but have you read Found? It's not finished yet either, but it's pretty good so far.

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    I know of Babystar and Wen. They're both fantastic. I'll have to check Kalida out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerpeter View Post
    Also, I've read that comic on Sammy's BabyStar account, but have you read Found? It's not finished yet either, but it's pretty good so far.
    Is that comic from Tamae?

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