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Thread: going hair free.

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    Default going hair free.

    Hi every one.

    I hope you can help me.

    My silly adult body, grows hairs everywhere.

    And that are itchy and I don't like them. And I think they are smelly as well.

    And I bont like shaving every day decouse it not a fun game and it is hard to get to bit I can reach or see easily.

    Do any of you have any ideas on how I can be hair free.

    Thank you


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    Laser treatment works well for permanent removal on some parts of the body, but it is not cheap

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    Isn't there that one laser razor you can get that makes the hair take longer to grow back in? My mom tried getting one for me back when I had a mustache. She hates facial hair.

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    Has any one tryed the no no out. Is it eny good.

    Daddy said he might pay for me to get waxed and tanned but he not shore if I will be able to take being waxed I not shore as well.

    As any one else be waxed all over. I now no pain no gain. But this little boy is not keen on to much pain.

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    I don't know what else to suggest but the laser or electrolysis stuff, and I know that stuff is both non-cheap and imperfect. I've never looked at it seriously, though.

    As much as I'd rather not have hair growing in every crevice of my body, the chore of shaving it all just seems so much worse. I take clippers to the easy places, and razor-shave my face daily. To anybody who grows a beard claiming that shaving their face is a chore, it makes me wonder about their teeth, too. Truly, it takes me less than half as long to shave my entire face and neck with a conventional razor as it does for me to brush my teeth--under one minute. One of my college roommates kept growing beards claiming that he didn't have time to shave, and would only shave when his girlfriend got annoyed. That just didn't compute.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MANGROOMER-Sku-211-6-Professional-Do-it-yourself-Electric-Back-Hair-Shaver-4.jpg 
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    As seen on Howard Stern.

    My wife got one for me about 6 years ago and I love it.

    I am not an AB, but even as a DL its nice to be hair free down there for easy clean ups.

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    I've shopped the laser/eletrolysis stuff, with a couple of notes:

    First off, they will not, under any circumstances, laser your dick and/or nutsack. Plain and simple. No forms, claims of never havingwanting children, showing/telling/having mommy show/tell them that you are diapered 24/7 or even cash bribes/tips on top of the exorbitant pricetag will convince them to break that protocol. Apparently, those tissues are not meant to withstand laser treatment, and, from what I understand, no one wants a sunburn on their peepee.

    So, right off the bat, you're still left with having to shave your boyparts daily/weekly even after you've taken out a second/third/fifth mortgage to spend the minimum 10k to get your body back to its pre-pubescent hairless state.

    Now what? Well, you can keep shaving. It gets cheaper. Unless you're Scorpio and/or Greek. And then, well, you're F'd. Sorry.
    But I use Dollar Shave Club. $9/mo and I can shave everything to my heart's desire and still have razors left over for my face every other day. Plus a nice, weighty handle! Chest? Check. Diaper area? Check. Boy Parts? Check. Legs and feet? Check and Check! (Yes, feet! Because Hobbits don't/didn't wear diapers!) Did I mention I still have TONS of razors left over?

    Protip: Johnson's Baby Vanilla Oatmeal soap is my favorite and makes a great shaving soap. Double down with the matching lotion for the full experience. (Walmart/Target: $~6, $4 respectively.)

    Repeat every other day, twice weekly if you experience excessive irritation. Be sure to moisturize EVERYDAY!

    Drink some water, people!

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    I use this option, though I haven't tried this exactly one just the brand or other brands.

    Is easy, don't hurt, you do it will showering and your skin will be so smooth after

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    Quote Originally Posted by couchesstevenboy View Post

    I use this option, though I haven't tried this exactly one just the brand or other brands.

    Is easy, don't hurt, you do it will showering and your skin will be so smooth after
    Hmmm, interesting, I'm gonna have to check this out.

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