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    Hi there; I was wondering if anyone knows if there's like a proverbial time limit or something for how long I should use my binky; I don't want to get an overbite. I usually have it in all night; not too often during the day....though I have a tendency to talk during movies so if I ever decided to take my parents up on their offer they'd probably be shoving a binky in my mouth to shut me up LOL; they'd love that; I can get annoying sometimes because I just say whatever on my mind and think out loud a lot.

    But yeah; when I wake up my front teeth feel kinda weird but it goes away and starts feeling normal pretty fast so I don't think it's too big a deal, but yeah, felt it could be a good idea to get some second opinions from folks who might have more experience in that area than I do. Hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.

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    Not all the time at night; like sometimes if my nose is too stuffy I'll leave it out because the air on my teeth feels uncomfortable when trying to breathe through my mouth.

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    Just like you can still have braces to correct your teeth at an adult age, a pacifier can influence your teeth. Though to be honest, if you regularily go to the dentist's and they don't notice anything wrong, you should be fine. For me, I also use a pacifier only at night, but it tends to fall out, so I guess it doesn't stay in there too long...I have that weird feeling in my front teeth too, though it doesn't stay for long. I'm in no way an expert on that, but that's my opinion...


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    Before I started working I visited my dentist regularly and I used my paci (and still do) all the time and I had no problems at all. My teeth are crooked and my lower jaw doesn't align with my upper jaw (I think due to hereditary reasons) anyway so that may be the reason that there was no visible change. But I have heard that it can cause some problems with your teeth.
    As for the feeling with your I get that too, the more I use my paci the more normal it feels to me.

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    Hey! I think that your front teeth hurts cause the pacifier teat is too small for me. I used to have the same problem then I bought the orthopedic m7 long teat from "pacifiersrus" and works great and feel natural, they stay in my mouth all night and my teeth are fine. I use them almost every night. I don't snore when I have a paci so my wife doesn't mind (cause she can sleep lol). I just ordered 3 more from the page

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    If you are using an adult pacifier such as a Nuk 5 then your teeth will be less affected. I have been using a pacifier for years and my teeth have not changed at all. Granted they were already a bit off from a life time of sucking my thumb. But So long as the dentist does not see a changer in your teeth at a check up you should be fine.

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    Haha; I'm pretty sure it's not because it's too small. XD I use a binky from Pacifiers R Us; the OTL6/Olive Teat if I recall correctly; if anything it's a little bit too big. XD

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