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Thread: great onesie alternative

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    Default great onesie alternative

    A tall white tshirt makes a good alternative to a onesie. Not only do you get to be that toddler hangin' out in a white T, socks, and diaper, but it's tall enough to get down a ways and cover most but not all of it. A good tall tshirt is also just what you need to prevent coming untucked when in public.

    I'd been looking for such a thing for awhile, but by the time I got a tshirt that was tall enough, it was like 4xL and wore like a tent. It darn near fell off my shoulders through the neck opening.

    I recently found that Walmart occasionally carries Fruit of the Loom tall tshirts. I got one and it was perfect! For my size, 6'1", ~220lbs, (fairly thin but with a bit of a geek gut) I found the "XLT" size was ideal. My Walmart doesn't reliably stock them, so I ended up placing my order online for in-store pickup. A 3pk of these tshirts was $10.64, with no shipping. They have crew and V cut necks available, and also choice of blue or white.

    I got

    Beats a single $35-45 onesie that may or may not fit!

    If you're not tall like me, and you get one, you could probably turn it into a onesie by adding a button or three or maybe some snaps. (or even just a diaper pin!) to tie the back and front together at the crotch.

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    I have seen instructions in indestructibles website on how to make a onside from a t shirt.
    I want to try t out sometime but not now. It's way to hot here to wear a onesie plus a shirt.
    I would have to wear a shirt over the onside as I wear all my shirts untucked, so if I started to wear my shirts "tucked" in, questions will be asked by extended family. Don't want to draw attention to myself in that way.

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    I've taken a t-shirt and just sewn together the bottom leaving two leg holes. Worked fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdave View Post
    I've taken a t-shirt and just sewn together the bottom leaving two leg holes. Worked fine
    how do you put it on then? Can you squeeze through the neck opening?? (or did you just never leave... heh)

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    It is easier said than done to make a onesie out of a tshirt. You have to go several sizes up and even then it is really hard to get the crotch to be right. I am working on trying to do it but it takes two shirts my way. I have a Pattern I bought a few years back but I just have not had the time to make it again. I have a couple fabrics to try out.

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    This might only work for girls...but many sport/ballet bodies have buttons down there and they're not very expensive to buy. I have not yet actually tried one, but if you pick a bigger sized one it should work. They come with long or short sleeves and in different colours, no patterns though :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    how do you put it on then? Can you squeeze through the neck opening?? (or did you just never leave... heh)
    I left myself open for that one. I used an a-shirt (tank top) I bought from Jockey. Sew the bottom leaving leg holes and climb in the top. Sorry I wasn't very clear

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    just a quick update - I'm completely sold on the combination of tall tshirt, socks, and diaper (all in white) for house lounging. Comfortable, and shows just enough of my diaper to look good, give me that "toddler plodding around the house" look.

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    I am a complete sucker for a t shirt, socks and diaper! I haven't made a onesie out of one, but I simply love wearing white ankle socks and no pants.

    Instant little mode!

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    I thought about making a onesie from a t-shirt, but Mommy likes to see my diaper.

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