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Thread: Question About Sleeping with Plushies Frequently

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    Question Question About Sleeping with Plushies Frequently

    Hey everyone! I know it's been a long time since I've posted around here but I think I will be a bit more active after lurking for a while =P

    Anyway, I've recently been sleeping with my plushie more often than usual and I do have to say I love sleeping with her. I can't really tell why but I guess I just like having something to hold onto. I think part of it because it puts me into a sort of little state in that I truly do consider her to be sentient (at least in the way a young child would understand it) and she definitely doesn't judge me =P

    That's beside the point though. The question I wanted to ask is if the increased frequency of sleeping with her will cause me to be dependent on having her in order to sleep? Since I'm in school and also still live at home I won't be able to do it all the time and I don't want to become dependent, especially with the start of my next semester coming up really fast.

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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    For me sleeping with my plushies over a period of time did make me dependant on having them but I can only speak for myself as iis different for everyone so I would say that there is a 50/50 chance of it happening

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    Yeah after all these years I can't really not have my teddy bear. When I left him at a hotel, I slept so bad that night; of course it could also be that I left my cpap at that hotel too

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    I love to sleep with my fox plushie Comet every single night for a year now : P but I did try sleeping a few nights without Comet and I would say I had a sense of missing something or forgetting I would say.I still was able to fall asleep with no problem after a little bit. Everyone is different though so some people can't fall asleep without their lovable plushies in their arms at night and some people can fall asleep without their plushies. For me I can but I do miss him and I always tell him sorry every time I do go to bed without him hehe XP

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    I've slept with a plush just about every night for the past several months (usually going without for 1 night a week or so). Going without it for a night isn't that big of a deal to me. It's probably more of a habit thing. You eventually just get used to it being there and if it's not, the strangeness of the situation puts you on edge.

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    The answer is that it depends on several factors. 1) how often you sleep in different positions, 2) how easily you fall asleep normally, and 3) how long you sleep with the plushie. If you do need a consistent sleeping position and have trouble falling asleep until everything is just right, then yeah, getting used to a plushie will make it hard to sleep without one.

    I have some good news for you though. Two pieces in fact. One is that you can use a shirt or a pillow in place of the plushie and it will work just fine (but be waaaaay less cool). Two, tons of people, including adults sleep with plushies and it's not actually embarrassing at all. So if you want to have one, it's perfectly fine to do it, whether you're dependent or not.

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    Same here; I can't sleep at all without my teddy....for me he kinda does feel sentient; I'm extremely attached and sentimental, not so much because he makes me feel little but because he was given to me by an old friend of my mom's named Michelle when I was a little kid; she died of cancer. It's a bit of a scruffy, old-fashioned teddy bear; possibly homemade, but sometimes when I'm feeling down I'll use it to sorta "talk through to" Michelle; I named him Michael and and I even have to take him with me when Uncle Sam calls me up to send me out to hell on earth for a few weeks; one time my tent got searched and the cop found my teddy and binky; fortunately he didn't say anything about it though.....I know he searched my tent because I self-medicate and he found my paraphernelia; it was an illegal search though; he had no liable cause nor my consent. But can be awkward sometimes when you have to bring your teddy to hotels and sleepovers or camping trips. Long road trips too.

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    Thanks for all the insight everyone; I forgot how supportive this community really is =)

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    I've actually been sleeping with mine less and less. I still like to snuggle it.

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    I have slept with my cuddle friends for decades.
    Yes, I can not sleep without them.
    It is not a bad thing to be needing soft plush cuddle friends to be able to get to sleep.
    It is better than using drugs to be able to gt to sleep and stay asleep.

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