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    So I purchased a case of abri Delta-Form M3's and they are clothes backed but I have had a couple were one or both of the top taps have broke while sleeping and I never really had this problem before so do you think it's something I have been doing or is it the diaper?

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    Nearly every cloth backed disposable I have tries including the Abena line I have had to staple the tabs to the back sheet to prevent them from pulling off while I sleep.

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    Try Ducktape I find taping around my diaper once reforces the tapes bit helps keep it snug longer, I also prefer plastic backed Vers cloth backed as I find the cloth back feels damp when wet.

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    I've never had that issue with the Delta Form; I love Velcro tapes in general and they stay put very well for me. It is either a bad batch or taping technique, I'd guess. Pulling the tapes overly tight will lead to tapes popping off. Try just getting them gently snug; if you are pulling on the tapes before fastening them, it's possibly too tight.

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