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Thread: Hello everyone!!! I am new here!! ^=^

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    Default Hello everyone!!! I am new here!! ^=^

    Hello everyone I am new here!*I am bad at writing intros lol but I am gonna try to write a descent one. OK here we go! I am very friendly,loves meeting new and all kinds of people and personalities! I am also very shy at times X3 I do love to talk though and I love to listen to people. I am a High school student still and I am hoping to become a high school Science teacher as a career in the future. I love Science a lot I find it very interesting and I love learning about the world around me. My two most favorite type of science though is Physical science and astronomy.

    I am a ABDL ever since I was 13 years old. The age when I started to really,really like diapers and using baby stuff. I first found this site when I was 13 actually. I was looking up if other people have the same interest and found out there was a whole community and I remember being super happy that I found other people with the same interest as me. XP Well I thought I would join ADISC and seen you need to be 18 to join the site so I just browsed the forums and haven't joined till I turn 18. I am now 18, today is my 18th birthday!! I am super happy to be a member here finally. ^=^ I am also part of the furry community and also a babyfur in it. My babyfur sona is named Blaze and he is a little diapered 4 year old anthro husky.

    I have many hobbies and interests that I love to do with a passion. For one I LOVE to play video games such as Halo 5 Guardian's,Battlefield 4,Minecraft,Elder Scrolls Online,Destiny,etc. on my Xbox one. I love to draw and color babyfur art, I am not the best artist but I think I am kinda descent at art. I do enjoy it sometimes when I am not playing on my Xbox. I also love reading about Science stuff on the computer or in books. I love to cook with a passion its just so much fun and I get to make so much tasty foods. Oh I also like to collect things anything that looks cool,says limited edition on it or if I get a Lego set I build it and collect the sets.

    I signed up for this site for some reasons. The first reason I would say to maybe make some really good friends and form many friendships. To go though the forms and post some stuff or reply to other peoples threads. I also came here to meet other ABDL's or babyfur's just like me. ^~^ Well that's my intro and about me I hope it was easy to read though and I hope you guys enjoyed reading my introduction and learning a bet about me. I hope I have a great time here on ADISC!!!

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    Hello BabyfurBlaze and welcome to the group.

    Very well done introduction.

    Happy birthday!

    Again welcome to the group.


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    HEWO egor thanks for the welcome and happy birthday!!! Also thanks I worked hard to write my intro glad you liked it! ^~^

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    Welcome to ADISC and Happy Birthday!

    I am very interested in astronomy myself and I think it's great that you want to be a teacher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyfurBlaze View Post
    HEWO egor thanks for the welcome and happy birthday!!! Also thanks I worked hard to write my intro glad you liked it! ^~^
    You wrote an excellent introduction thread. Both my wife and I are retired from teaching, just recently. I think you will enjoy teaching science. I loved science when I was a student. It opens the mind to all these amazing possibilities. It reveals the world in ways that aren't first apparent, starting at it's earliest beginnings and where it's eventually heading.

    My wife was a special ed. teacher, specializing in math. I'm a church musician, but later in life, I took a part time church directing job and worked as a teacher assistant, teaching......special ed and reg. ed math. I was pretty good at it which is why the school asked me to teach math. I still work as a church music director which is always a lot of fun.

    I hope you will get involved in the many topics and threads. It's a lot of fun.

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    Welcome to adisc! I'm sure you'll make tons of new and awesome friends. Also happy birthday!

    <3 bluejewel

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    Great intro! And welcome to this friendly community. I loved science in high school, especially chemistry and physics. If you are a Babyfur, do you also know about FurAffinity or FluffyWaddles? Big communities there, too, although there is also a Furry forum here on ADISC. Hope to see you around here.

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    Thankyou you all so much for all the wonderful welcomes and happy birthdays I feel so welcomed here I really loving ADISC so much! Also thankyou all that complimented my intro I typed out. Thanks again really made me fell welcomed and feel at home ^=^ .........Oh and Little2Roo in response to your question I am a member of Fluffy Waddles and FurAffiniy oh I am also a member of SoFurry I been a furry for a year now and almost been a babyfur for almost a year now but I am on Fluffy Waddles alot Little2roo

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    OMG, we are already friends on FW. I just didn't recognize the the longer screen name you use here. Well, welcome friend to ADISC.

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    Welcome to ADISC, blaze. As others have said, great intro! Being a teacher is very rewarding (although frustrating at times). Have you ever had the chance to TA for a class?

    Also, a belated happy birthday.

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