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    Question The Dentist and Paci's..

    I have a collection of paci's and over the years have had a acouple made that fit my mouth. I'm going to the dentist for the first time in a while and I'm worried I might have a bit of an overbite or I've hurt my teeth by sucking on my paci every night. How, if at all, do I mention this concern to my dentist!?

    I felt this to be a mature topic, as it concerns discussing AB stuff with actual health care professionals.

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    Well, you probably won't need to mention it at first, but things could go in a couple different directions.

    Let's say you have an overbite etc. If it's minor it might not need any correction, and he/she might not ask if you have any bad oral habits. If it's something that the dentist suggests correcting, and you're considering that, it would probably be best to fess up as using a pacifier would probably affect the process. You could probably just say it's something that helps you relax.

    Nevertheless, I think you could probably tell just by examining your bite in a mirror if your teeth look like they've shifted. I personally can see I have a bit of an open bite now from thumb/pacifier sucking, and my top front teeth no longer touch the bottom.

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    Same to me: I can't close the frontal teeth together.

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