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Thread: Close calls? Let's hear em.

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    Default Close calls? Let's hear em.

    So to start this off, I'll talk of my worst and closest call ever. So I've done very well keeping my Diaper Fetish from People around me. It simply isn't something to discuss openly. As for my case, it's mainly connected to my sexuality and "kinks". Anywho, I just got out of the Armed Forces and returned home till I finish school, so... Anywho, on Block Leaves, I would fly home and wear in private and never have issues. Never in the Barracks though, the field was a no no for sure. Well, I ordered a case of Abena M4s to wear whenever I wanted and drove to the gym, upon finishing my workout, I got a Phone Call form my mother asking "who the hell is Gary Evans?" My heart sank right there. I made up some lie and she said my sister opened the box and it was diapers. Oh my god, I thought to myself, I'm going to get evicted, Jesus fucking Christ. That conversation was more nerve wracking than having bullets fly 10 feet by me or jumping out of a plane. I lied straight through my teeth and I'm still ashamed of it. I said I thought someone from my unit must have pranked me. My Mother and Sister seemed to have bought it. On the Drive home, I bought a pack of cigarettes and chainsmoked three in a row. But I think they know I'm a Diaper Lover yet it's an elephant in the room none of us talk about. What really offended me and made me really angry with them was they had the audacity to open MY mail without my consent. My Sister thought it was a "bomb" but I'm confident, if it was a "bomb" there wouldn't be a bunch of tension like that. Had to get that off my chest. Anyways, that was the first and worst time I was "caught"/close call. I mitigated damage control fairly decent in that situation though. Be a Diaper Lover is something I'm not really comfortable sharing with anyone other than a Woman whom is kinky too.

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    I trained my sister well. She's too terrified of what she might find to go looking through my stuff. She wouldn't even grab a book off my bookshelf when I was pointing right at it.

    I'll probably be having a similar story in a few days. Which is harder to handwave away: a two foot case? or a half foot package? Guess I'll get to find out.

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    If you have a car, I strongly suggest putting your stuff in there, or waiting by for the delivery. I mistook the delivery prediction and somehow I hand waved my ass out of a two and a half foot long box filled with ultra thick abenas

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    That would have infuriated me too if my mail was opened. But I can relate with the "elephant in room" aspect because that's pretty much how it is with me folks know I like to wear but we simply don't talk about it. Just take a breath man, it'll be fine.

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    Rude and dumb to open someone else's packages <__< I don't understand families who do this, I was always allowed my privacy and so was my sister!

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    I once found my case of diaper delivered, but open it makes me wonder who openend it... Maybe my neighbors? It's like... If it was a neighbor or even a random thief, they knew they were fucked/out of line when they saw adult diapers. But then again sometimes mailmen open and inspect packages but they normally reseal the package. Mine was not resealed

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    I've had a few close calls. But I must say the closest call I had was when I was lounging around in just a diaper in the living room. My brother decided to come home from school for lunch and caught me by surprise. I don't think I've ever jumped up, grabbed and put on my pants so fast in my life. To this day I'm still unsure if he saw anything. I was pulling ny pants up as he turned the corner. He never mentioned a word about it but I feel that he still may know and just never said anything.

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    I've had one where some friends I was out with decided it would be a good idea to go back to my apartment at the last minute and I had a case of diapers just sitting out in the middle of the entrance that I hadn't put away. I didn't lie about it. I was just like "hey, can you wait outside for a sec, I've got some stuff I want to put away, would rather you don't come in, give me a couple minutes." Threw diapers in a closet, also got a couple dirty dishes out of sight, let them in, no issue.

    I admit though, I don't get all the people who, as adults, have their parents or siblings opening their mail like that. It seems pretty invasive to me.

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    When I was a really little kid, there was a huge forest fire at Ft. Greely Missile Defense Base; just south of our town, Delta Junction. Everything was tinted in orange, we couldn't see hardly anything and the city was being evacuated. Some of the neighbors came piling into our truck too and mom was holding a wet washcloth over my mouth to keep the smoke out. Fortunately we knew a place where we could run to, fifty miles south towards Tok, three miles by raging river; the Tanana if I recall correctly, and then five miles by calm creek with moose crossing (haha, and some moose who stalk you; that was a weird day. It probably got attacked by a pack of wolves or something and turned into a crazy moose. XD), and then six miles or so by wide open lake; Lake George. We have a couple docks ut there, a little cabin, a big cabin, an outhouse, a shed, a shower house, a few heavy canvas tarp tents, a kitchen house, a large fire pit area; boardwalks everywhere, some gardens; it's pretty much a home away from home and so it was; we lived there for two years away from all of civilization because dad heard on the ham radio that there was some chemicals buried in the ground under Ft. Greely or something like that; the particulars are kinda fuzzy. But anyway....I stumbled across an old package of Huggies that were left over my my sisters and ours potty training days; they were probably the largest size available and could probably still fit me.

    This was probably one of the first times I felt like wearing a diaper/being treated like a baby. Which in retrospect makes sense; my whole world had pretty much just burned to the ground in a toxic mushroom cloud shortly after our very own house burned completely to the ground from a generator malfunction in the basement. Life has pretty much sucked for me from Day One. XD Getting better at being able to laugh at it though; my life is sorta "comedically tragic".

    But, I was in the cozy loft of the Little Cabin; the little Cabin was where my sister and I slept, mom and dad shared the Big Cabin. I was wearing huggies when my sister came up the wood ladder through the little cubby hole. It's a low, A shaped ceiling in the Loft but at our ages we were both able to stand up perfectly striahgt and look out the little blue framed four panel window staring out at the Kitchen House where mom and dad were usually playing Rummy/Poker and drinking coffee; occasionally shooting any bears or wolves that got too close to the compound lol. XD

    And my sister, haha, she was enthusiastically amused to see her little brother wearing huggies, I was petrified and then she got this mischeivous, evil little girl grin that she still gets on her face to this day; she dashed back down through the square hole in the floor like a flash of lightning to go tell dad. Dad came back but I'd already taken it off and hid it in the only available place in the Loft to hide it; stuffed down into the angled corner near the wood panels of the roofing; you could still see a little white though. Dad found it and pulled it out and held it up to me as I sat there kinda going blank, and I'll never forget what he said lol, "If I hear that you've been wearing these again...I will drive you through the store. I almost felt like I was going to pass out from holding my breath unconsciously. I must have only been like maybe five or six. My sister is a little over three years older than me.

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    I just don't get how parents are so nosy, if I ever had kids I would only be a dick if they were on drugs or alcohol or started smoking but smh.

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