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Thread: A nice in-media (sort-of) report about us! ...Yaaaay!

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    Default A nice in-media (sort-of) report about us! ...Yaaaay!

    In an earlier post I said I was in the middle of something online on the computer, well I was listening to a podcast by Huffpost. They did last year a series of podcasts looking into the world of love, sex, fetishes and alternate lifestyles and - you guessed it - there's one about ABDLI(nfantilism) (again sort-of!). Everything's handeled really well with so much respect that it was pleasing to hear...I hate it when any group in the public or media-irial eye (metaphorically) drag us through the mud. You can find this podcast on soundcloud and the releasing group's called HuffPost Love + Sex.
    I recommend a listen if you've not heard it before. bringmesunshine

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    Thanks for the information.

    I do hate it when we are piled into the sexual fetishes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allcy View Post

    This is what I think he's talking about.
    The guy was more in to humiliation, but seemed a quite balanced, non hysterical look at fetishes

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    I didn't like the professor's origin theory. I think I can speak for most of us when I say that our attraction to diapers started at a very young age. She seemed focused on the pubescent.

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