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Thread: Don't think I've done this before...and I'm not normally like that!

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    Default Don't think I've done this before...and I'm not normally like that!

    First and foremost this is a bodily excreations story! If you're sensitive I've quite litrally just warned you so don't blame me!

    So I've just wet and messed by Tena Slip Maxi Med'...but I've done something diffrent. I'm in the middle of stuff on the computer and don't want a quick lower-half-of-the-body shower (even though they are not long!), So I've emptyied out the bulk of the solid waste...and put the nappy back on again! I've done this because it's a good system: it leaves about 5% of the mess on 'the area' - come we're we're all intelligent on here, I'm not going to spell it out - but means you don't have to sit down in a deposit which would become uncomfortable and smelly after about five min's (some of you may be able to last longer, for others the tables may be turned). A creative infantilist - like myself - can and has called this 'I'm-still-in-a-soiled-nappy' so of course that gets all those unique feelings going (or at least those unique feelings that go hand in hand with this particular alternate lifestyle).

    Amazingly I don't think I've ever done this before, concerning this situation that I've just laid out I don't think I'm a one-man-minority! As usual if you've any questions or tales of similar experiences I am waiting to hear from you. Finally you may think it's odd me posting something like this but I do try and cover, document and sudo-publicly reveal everything I can about my own DLism. I'm not going to apolergize if this post turned your were warned! bringmesunshine p.s this current office chair I'm sitting in is no recliner - if you want to mess and wait while surfing they can really improve things - so I'd have ended up litrally in the sh*t if I'd not emptied out the solid contents!

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    Here's a useful tip that I think will be okay on this thread. If you've wet a nappy a second time and it feels like it's about to leak, sit diffrently - off the wetness - and give it seven min's or so. The nappy will...well I can find no other good way of describing it...set or if you want a non-jargonic version of that the full absorbation process will come full circle! bms

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    Hey! You're not alone in this endeavor! When I do have access to diapers, which is not often, I try my best to be economical. I also posses female genitalia, and sitting in poopy is very bad for my pH and health. It does feel like I'm still in a messy diaper, but it's safer and less smelly!

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