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Thread: Being ABDL and Virtual Reality

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    Default Being ABDL and Virtual Reality

    No other modern invention has ever been as fascinating as virtual reality to me, and with the oculus Rift and the Samsung Vive coming out this year it finaly will be a reality. This made me think, What if someone were to program a game or virtual space were You would actually be digitally imaged as a baby and live out any and all Abdl Fantasy or even better yet have it be multiplayer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    We already have "Second Life" for that.
    Is there an abdl community on Second Life?

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    I'm predicting that Virtual Reality is going to totally change the way we live our lives. This technology will not only help out with ABDL as you mentioned, but be useful for just so much cool stuff, including serious stuff that'll greatly improve people's lives. I'm looking foreword to all that virtual reality will offer us.

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    If you think VR is cool wait till real AR is out not that google glass joke XD

    But then imagine 3d/4d(a 3d printed object with properties that change bassed on events) printers. Soon we should be able to print something like a pampers that can be scaled by computer to w/e size we so choice.

    It is a time of great innovation.

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