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Thread: Dry 24/7. Price increase, quality decrease.

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    Default Dry 24/7. Price increase, quality decrease.

    All I've posted about really is the Dry brand. Only because I'm watching the hero live long enough to become the villain. They had surpassed my expectations from re-production until July 2015. Then V2 was released. Large tapes, loose padding, thin plastic, held less. "They're accidental, give it a month". Then V3 in November. Better tapes, tougher plastic, padding bundles, hold less then the initial relaunch diaper. I emailed the company some few times in detail of the quality decline. When they finally decided to acknowledge the differences and stop ignoring me, someone told me, "They're better than ever". No. They are not. The price just jumped from 105 to 108 on XP. They use to cost 95. So, I'm done. I hope they get what they deserve.

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    from the sounds of it I'm glad I stocked up heavily last year. I still have 12 bags of large on hand, hopefully enough to hold me over u=ntil they regain their senses.

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    Who cares for them anymore, I use to swear by them, they went down hill and I tried different brands, there loss was my gain because now my go to diaper is tykables size 2 or Abena m4

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    They were my favorite diaper until ABU stepped up with their new line. The space was nice, I haven't tried the plain ones, but the LittlePawz took the crown as far as I am concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pampers4U View Post
    Who cares for them anymore, I use to swear by them, they went down hill and I tried different brands, there loss was my gain because now my go to diaper is tykables size 2 or Abena m4
    Hey, if it's not too personal, what is your waist size? I'm considering tykables as well, but I'm a 36"...the high end of size 1 and low end of size 2.

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    I just got them today. It seems to hold 4 wettings without leaking. I really like the large tabs. Hope the one I got is the newest version

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    I stopped getting the dry24/7 line because the quality kept jumping around. I am incontinent and look for a good diaper I can trust without needing to worry what they may have tried this case. I stuck with the Abena M4s, but after trying a space diaper I found my new daily wearer.

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    Folks ever since Dry 24-7's moved from Israel the quality has gone downhill. Somehow the current plant has this lost in translation moment meaning someone needs to teach proper specifications of the product. Dry 24-7 company please do not follow Kimberly Clark with the Depend debacle please unless its Kimberly Clark who is making these for Dry 24-7's now I hope not !!! I liked Dry 24-7's as a break from the abena abri form x-plus L4's I wear

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    Are you serious? The relaunched version were my favorite & I assumed that their quality would be consistent. I wish I would have read this first because I just bought a case. I would have just gotten some Little Paws instead,
    looking forward to trying those.

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    My waist is 34" , height is 6ft, medium build, weight is 185lbs, and they are a perfect fit with good coverage, best way to describe them is being in between an Abena m4 and L4, absolutely perfect length and width, go with size 2

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