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    Hello All,

    I don't know that I'm really a sissy or not. I tend to be more of a "Type A" kind of guy and have no cross-dressing or homosexual desires in my normal life. I do however, have the occasional desire to be dressed up as a girl when I'm exploring my baby side.

    I have an ABDL friendly live-in girlfriend who will participate in my ABDL activities. I have briefly brought up some clothing items I would be interested in trying and she didn't seem particularly against it, but she certainly didn't seem too excited about it. I'm less interested in things like panties and such, more interested in outfits that are more girlish (i.e. my little ponies onesie or girlish diapers). These interests are strictly related to my AB activities. I have no desire whatsoever to cross dress or anything like that in my normal day-to-day.

    Anybody else have any stories of when they started to feel they may have a sissy side? How did you incorporate it into your heterosexual ABDL life? I'm not really sure what kind of info I'm looking for but I guess I just needed to put it out there that I've recently started to feel more of a sissy side, and how I'm a bit confused about the whole situation.

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    Well, this is my first post on the sissy side of this site. Figured this thread was a good way to start.

    I don't know what to consider myself either. I mostly just enjoy the feeling of wearing diapers. I can get into the little part of it, but not for long. I also feel like I can get into the sissy side as well, but for even shorter. I have a pink, frilly dress. It stays mainly in my closet though. I only seem to pull it out for "play" time, if you know what I mean. I don't really want to wear it for an extended period of time, but knowing that the option is there excites me This isn't something I have really talked about at all, I just kinda know it's there. And when the desire pops up, I go grab it, put it and another few things on, and then take it off after about 20 minutes to an hour of "fun." I just accept it as a part of me and then move on with my normal life.

    I also have a GF, whom I am living with...she has a house with dogs, whereas I have a tiny apartment. She has relatively accepted my DL side, and doesn't mind me wearing all that much. She brings up how much I do it sometimes and makes me feel self conscious, but in the end it's not hurting her, and it makes me more cuddly :3. Crossdressing and stuff like that has been discussed, but she is under the impression that wearing girly things is simply not what I am supposed to do. She doesn't have a problem with trans, gays, anything like that. She just doesn't like the idea that I would do it. I am relatively masculine, and she likes to be dominated in bed.

    I don't really know where I am going with this, but I just thought I'd share my sissy side. I hope I contributed in some way :P

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    Here's some good information to know. Reason I'm giving it is because you've mentioned "homosexuality" twice in your post.

    98% of cross-dressers (not drag queens) are heterosexual men. Most are married with the earlier generation.

    One of our member's Adventurer made an article concerning sissy's here which is worth a read:

    Really you could just enjoy feminine things, which may or may not have anything to do with being a traditional sissy at all. There's a difference between wanting to be an LG versus playing dress up.

    Good piece of advice, don't try and pick it apart too much. It's so common among guys it's not really that out there. You could have those tendencies for one reason or another which may or not become apparent to you at all. Or this is a jumping off point. Who knows. Just be comfortable in your own skin about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geno View Post
    One of our member's Adventurer made an article concerning sissy's here which is worth a read:
    That's for the info! That's a great post you shared. After reading that I guess I can say that I'm not a sissy. I would kind of classify myself as a LG I suppose. I guess I just find myself confused since it is so far off from my normal day-to-day life. But then again, so does wearing diapers and pretending to be a baby. I guess I'm just more used to being an AB and less used to being an LG.

    That post also mentions comparing the LG to Adult Male the same way you compare being an Adult to an AB. I guess my AB personality is more feminine, while my adult self is very masculine. I guess it just takes some getting used to and, as you mentioned, being okay with myself in general.

    Quote Originally Posted by OhHeyThere View Post
    I don't really know where I am going with this, but I just thought I'd share my sissy side. I hope I contributed in some way :P
    Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you're actually in a very similar situation as myself, especially when it comes to your relationship. Glad I'm not the only one

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    This sounds very similar to myself as well. I began "exploring" more of my sissy side a couple of years ago and it has grown. I have some little girl style dresses which unfortunately do not fit very well, but I have modified them. Would like to purchase the "real deal" when finances permit. I like frilly plastic pants with my diapers, and have several pairs of tights that I like to wear, as well as pink overalls I don't get into makeup and those sort of trappings, but I guess I like the "humiliation factor a bit. My wife is fine with this and has helped pick out clothing.

    Then again, sometimes I like to wear my "little boy" clothing, such as boys' style overalls, onesies with trucks on them, etc.

    I really enjoy the opportunity to go either way. Again, my wife supports this, but does not dwell on it.

    Likewise, great to hear this and know that I am in the company of others with similar interests!

    I am not confident enough to dress outside the home in my girlish things.

    So, I guess I am both at different times if that is possible

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    I started out strictly DL and found that specifically the plastic in disposable diapers is what I liked. In the beginning (through the 90's and early 00's) it was only baby diapers as I had no idea that adult diapers were plastic backed. Once Luvs went away from being plastic-backed I thought that was the end of my fascination with diapers. I then discovered eBay was a great place to find diapers that were discontinued and it was while scrolling through eBay listings that I found out about adult diapers being mostly plastic-backed still. It was about that time I told my wife about my DL side and after a few years she finally started to accept it.

    Once I was able to wear without the fear of my wife "finding out" I started to actually wet my diapers too. I found that I really enjoyed the feeling of a wet diaper and it was then that I realized that something had changed. When I was a teen and going through puberty I would stuff Luvs inside my underwear with the plastic side touching me. That's how the whole DL thing started, sometime between then and when I started to wear and wet them, something had changed. I started to realize that this whole thing is dynamic, sure you can stay exactly the same for years at a time and maybe for some people it has always been the same. For me, however, it was dynamic and it seemed that there was always room for new exploration.

    I was happy just wearing plain white diapers and medical style diapers and I suddenly got this urge to buy Bambino Teddy diapers. I don't know why, I had never liked Bambino's Classico and to this day I don't care for them but the Teddy diapers I wanted. I bought them and that was my first foray into the AB side of things. Now I don't really consider myself to be AB at all but I liked those diapers and my wife was okay with the babyish aspect of them. I find that even today, it's only very specific patterns and things that I like when it comes to the AB side of things. Eventually, I would go on to buy a onesie or two, a couple of pacifiers and some plushies and while I find comfort in them occasionally, I do not regress or participate in ageplay at all.

    Then one day I was scrolling through eBay looking for plastic pants and I saw a pair of pearlized pink plastic pants, again, I don't know why but I felt like I had to have them. I bought them and hid them from my wife for fear of what she would think. I know that might sound funny but I had started out telling her that diapers were sexual for me and that it was a texture thing. In the beginning I told her that I had no desire in the AB side of things or in wetting diapers but here I was wetting babyish diapers, buying onesies, and plastic pants and now I wanted girlie colors. Where would I draw the line or more importantly, where would she draw the line. Eventually I came clean and I told her that I was finding myself liking some Sissy/Girlie things. It took a little bit for her to grasp it but she knew that all of this was connected and didn't mind me having pink plastic pants. Again, I find that it is very specific things, patterns etc that I like about the Sissy/Girlie side of things. When I see something I immediately know if I like it or not. I eventually asked her if I could buy a girlie dress and she let me. It was more or less a blue and green polo shirt that was long enough to be a dress and had kind of subdued ruffles at the bottom. When I got it, it was too long and I wanted it to be shorter so she modified it for me. Later she would go on to surprise me by making nice pink dresses with Hello Kitty and other things that I like on them. I too am completely hetero and I have zero desire to cross-dress in the traditional sense or to wear any of the girlie things I own in public. I find that the sissy/girlie side is not as strong as my love for diapers and that it only comes up occasionally and I don't really know what triggers it.

    It makes me feel a little out of place sometimes as I don't easily fit into any one category. I know some ABDLs love meetups and being around others who share their lifestyle. I could never do that, I guess i don't feel that committed to the AB side to feel like I fit in with that group of people who are really into the age regression and age-play. I obviously have no problem with anyone who is into the AB side like that and I am happy that they have the ability to meet up and do what they enjoy without the feeling of being judged, it's just not for me. The same goes for the Sissy side of things, while I do have some Girlie things and I enjoy aspects of it, I don't feel like I fit into the Sissy category in the same way as those who are more committed to it do. I'm just a little different and I am okay with what I'm comfortable with.

    Who knows what's in store down the road for me, I like knowing that things could change and I can always discover new aspects of this whole ABDL lifestyle that I enjoy. It's not for everybody and I don't feel comfortable sharing it with people that I know and I'm okay with that. Maybe one day that will change and I will be more open about it, who knows but for now, I'm happy with who I am as a person.

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    I am not a homosexual but I love the idea of cross dressing both in my AB/DL activities and out in about. I hate the idea of dresses. I will do skirts but only in my little head space as I am not sure how it will go with my Church friends. I make it well known that I am going to cross dress as soon as I master the ability to sew cloths. I am thinking about womens shirts but that comes in due time as I am chubby and I really need to loose that sorry of an excuse for a pillow I have as s tummy.

    I have two shirts so far that are girls T-shirts. I know that is kind of lousy to begin with but I really don't see myself squeezing my self into tight womens jeans. Kudos to those of you who can but this Pebble aint gonna fit comfortably in such an outfit. I will be sewing my own cross over cloths soon as I am still trying to get better at my good sewing habits.

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    Just saying from my psychology class discussions, being a crossdressing does not make one a homosexual.

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