The ADISC Teamspeak Meetings are moderated voice chat meets facilitated by an ADISC staff team member at designated times for the month. Most will have a topic/theme of discussion in the latter half. They typically run 2 hours. You can participate in listening if you don't wish to talk and some type at the bottom in the text window, but it is geared for those wishing to voice chat.

General layout: 1) intro/icebreaker 2) any community related topics that want to be talked about 3) designated theme topic 4) open floor 5) feedback/staff.

All ADISC site rules apply. Failure to follow will result in ejection from the meeting and possibly future meetings based on facilitator discretion.

Facilitator this month: Geno


  • Friday January 15th at 6pm EST. Discussion theme: Masculinity and AB/DL
  • Sunday January 31st at 6pm EST. Discussion theme: Rectifying your AB/DL desires with your Religion.