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Thread: No Pants Subway Day

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    Default Drop your pants events in cities around us.

    This January there a event drop your pants on subways.
    Improv started it in 2002.
    This weekend on the 1/10/16 in portland and other cities.
    Wow did not know this went on.

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    Default No Pants Subway Day

    I saw this on the news this morning. Anyone participate? I had no idea it existed. Not quite diapers, but close!

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    Sounds like it was an organized improv theater thing, rather than a general call for everyone to do it? It's hard to tell from the google results. Kinda fun idea as a one-day event though, and I think it would be pretty funny to show up in a baby-print diaper and pretend like it's nothing out of the ordinary. Would require a lot of poise.

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    This happens on the light rail I take, honestly I'm curious if I could partake given I wear diapers.

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    That would require a lot of courage. The Depends commercial shows that they could probably be worn without much controversy.

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    Given that its 1F here at the moment, what happens if your _____ freezes to the seat?

    Cute idea, but like naked bike rides or 5k's, I know there are far too many sights that cannot be unseen. I'll steer clear, thanks.

    Edit: About the only underwear run I would want to see or participate in would be the one that precedes Ironman Hawaii. Single digit bodyfat percentages are predominant.
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    seeing someone participate in diapers would be great and hope it would encourage some to join in the next events

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    Quote Originally Posted by philboy View Post
    seeing someone participate in diapers would be great and hope it would encourage some to join in the next events
    I totes am thinking about doing it.

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