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    Default Bed wetting retraining

    This is something that has a lays sparked my intrest. How ever I have major questions . I have heard it is supossibly possible to retrain your bladder at night to be a bed wetter. If you have no idea what I am talking about. I will not be giving out sources. I simply want anwere from whom have actually done it.

    #1 how much time did this take you?
    #1a were you currently already experienceing bladder weakness?
    #2 have you repotty trained after this?
    #2a how long did this take?
    #2b what did you do to report train?
    #2c are you having any long lasting affects from doing this?

    I may add more questions to this later down the road.

    PS this is the wake and pee. That is what I am talking about if you are confused.

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    Just a slight warning, they (the admins) kind of see this as a somewhat touchy subject. Anywho, wear a diaper for thirty nights in a row to build the habit of wearing, then following it up with 30 consecutive nights of wetting. It generally takes 30 days to either make or break a habit. It may not be guaranteed to work, just saying. Practice at your own risk.

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    Somewhere under 10% of peopel that try for this actually succeed. I'd recommend just getting more used to using your diaper overnight and drink a little more than usual before bed. (but don't overdo it) I used to deliberately drink several glasses of water before bed, but I woke up leaking or needing to change a few times, so I just stopped doing that. Now I've found that when changing befor bed I just think about what I've had to drink that evening before selecting an appropriate diaper for bed. I wake up in the morning, having wet 3-6 times usually, with a diaper around the 75-80% used mark, every morning. And that's fine for me - enjoyable, convenient, and no hassles.

    I don't wet without waking up, but I have no problems going if I wake up and feel the need. I think that's what a DL should aim for.

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    I agree with bambinod. Just getting to the point where you can comfortably wake up but just go without much if any effort allows you to use the diaper and not have a poor night sleeping. Since I only wear several times a month, this took me several years to achieve and I still sometime struggle if using a new brand of diaper, no matter how good it has been reviewed. Your mental state begins with comfort. Take the fear of a leak out of the equation and it becomes so much easier to just go without thinking about it much. Then you can drift back into deeper sleep and feel great in the morning. I have no interest in uncontrollably going, that would scare me for the potential long term effects. I like to think of diaper wearing as a treat, not a necessity, if that makes sense.

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    #1 how much time did this take you?
    Although I had some early successes, it took two or three years of retraining before I returned to regularly wetting in my sleep.

    #1a were you currently already experienceing bladder weakness?
    As a child I wet the bed most nights into my ninth year. And before retraining I wet the bed on more than one occasion after drinking beer.

    #2 have you repotty trained after this?
    Yes, several times.

    #2a how long did this take?
    At the most a few nights.

    #2b what did you do to report train?
    Limit fluids before bed, not sleep in diapers, and go to sleep with mindset of not wetting.

    #2c are you having any long lasting affects from doing this?
    Waking wet no memory puts me at peace with the world. Itís been a significant positive for me.

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    For the record I am not after doing this. I know how to do it. Explaining how to do it was not the question. I ask who has done it and their experiance

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    I've become a sleep wetter after 2 years of waking to wet , not sure when I stopped waking, sometimes I still sort of wake but just wet and go right back to sleep... don't know about retraining to not wet as I haven't tried and see no reason to try

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