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Thread: Monday I get my DC Amour Pink Diapers VERY EXCITED !!!

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    Default Monday I get my DC Amour Pink Diapers VERY EXCITED !!!

    Monday I get my sample of the DC Amour Pink Diapers finally. After all the reviews here I finally got the courage to get them. I will let you all know what I think and how it goes. And I got fast response from Jeremy and quick shipping from time of purchase and proper charging on my credit card which is a must these days with electronic marketplace retailers. Package sits about 200 miles away at the post office hub. will be sitting by the window all day on Monday looking for the mail lady to deliver them .

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    You'll like them, they're quite good diapers. Expensive enough to make you shop carefully, but worth it IMHO. I love the super soft liner, it's like sitting on a giant cotton ball.

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    So the wait is over I got them now all I have to do is get the courage to actually put them on and waiting for the right time to do so. I may just use these on a upcoming trip. A note to Jeremy thank you for being a honest trustworthy and reliable business and actually ship the product in a discreet fashion. California has two awesome Diaper suppliers Jeremy at DC and Gary at XP Medical which is my longstanding diaper supplier of Abena Abri Form X Plus L4 and Dry 24-7's. Both are excellent representation of the small business community which is the backbone of the USA they both deserve the business of the year award. And will continue to get my business.

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    So I just put the DC Amour on and oh my its comfortable shockingly how good and thick these are and very soft!!! I just love these !!!! love the crinkle factor and will soon find out the absorbency of these. Right now I feel so special!! Tapes are good also. I will post further updates . Right now I am in love !!!

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    the Idyl are the exact same construction with just a completely different color/art theme, so if you like the kittens you might want to try the idyl too

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    Glad you like them! I'm pushing to get the newest generation of Amors finished before the Chinese new year holiday. They'll be even more refined and with the same awesomely strong 40mm tabs the Idyls now have. Fingers crossed that they'll make it in time

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    On to day 2. Absorbency was just fine no leaking and woke up this morning it seems to be more refreshed think its due to the extreme softness of the diaper I know I was completely full yet still very comfortable sadly I want to keep the last 3 for my trip so its back into the Abri Forms X-plus L-4's and Dry 24-7's . I wish I could add to my stock of these DC Amours however I have to get my monthly shopping done and pay bills they take priority right now. just a quick update from me

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    Quote Originally Posted by attends10 View Post
    Thanks for the information and update.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's the discontinued version. It's no longer available.

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