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Thread: Any fellow asexuals here?

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    Default Any fellow asexuals here?

    I'm Ace. I'm also agender, I don't identify as either masculine or feminine. Any others feel one or the other, or both?

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    Ace here. I'm biologically male but every now and then I'll slip into a feminine mindset, especially when regressing. Other than that, I'm an asexual male.

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    I don't really care about sexuality. At this point, I'm happy when I sleep with my stuffed animals.
    Not caring for me is also not understanding the complexities beyond the simple physical anatomy. I didnt know what sex was until really late, like 16, by then it was difficult for me to live, let alone care about stuff like that. It's just an extension of childhood for me, especially since I've been more toddler-ish lately.

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    I don't really ever pay much attention to or care about sexuality. Besides, there's stuffed animals that need cuddling, now that there's no more cat. I tend to be effeminate, but I'm not sure where that fits in.

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    I was undeniably asexual when I was younger, and by younger I mean from 12 onwards. I mean that's when sooooo many related/ing to sex feelings travel up to 'the surface' and you get a very good picture/glimpse of your sexual future or exactly what it's going to be (or both...I'm confusing myself!). Now I've lost count of the number of times I've said this on this site but I fully came to terms with my Infantilism aged 7 after experiencing and indulging in it seriously for about a year - i know, i know...quick decission(!!) - and I made a personal promise that 'this is going to be a major yet secret part of your life'...because I'm sat here typing this in 2016 wearing just a nappy, a shirt and a grin it should be blindingly obvious I've kept that promise!
    Anyhoo when I was 12 I was atracted to no gender, turned on by no gender. I looked at nappy-related porn (on many levels) purtaining to both sexes and response came there none...i will also add for comedic value that my parents were rather shocked on finding out when they checked the search history...they'd known for a while but didn't know I'd drifted online. I fantisized about both sexes as well...and that's while being both in nappies and out of them...still nothing! Everything fell into place when I was 17 - not like that! Rude! #MirandaMoment - it wasn't one picture, it wasn't one thought and it was one youtube video that did it but everything clicked and I just arrived at the realization that I'm straight. Good grief it took a while and there were some worry filled days but I'd be lying or hiding-info' if i didn't tell you all that and 99 times out of 100 i'm not that kind of person(the kind of person who does lie or hides infomation!).

    I realise I may not be the best contributing person to this thread as I'm no longer asexual...but I was! And I think that's gotta count...sort-of at least! bringmesunshine

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    I'm kinda asexual; wished it was fully. Probably gonna happen sooner or later; I'm still a virgin aside from getting raped a few times when I was kidnapped away to Utah for years when I was a little kid. A brother firefighter tried having sex with me once; I didn't want to but couldn't leave the situation; we'd both just gotten blown up about a half hour ago so we were both in a bit of an intense state of mind and had already spent weeks fighting hellfire side by side in the mountains of the remote Alaskan wilderness......shit happens I guess lol. When the sun shines red and there's a mushroom cloud over your head and every step that you take sends post-crisis ash and dust into the noxious air with explosions on the horizon.....haha, yeah, stuff happens. You become closer than brothers. So yeah....I'm kinda bisexual but I'd rather be asexual. XD

    - - - Updated - - -

    There's just something about a post-apocalyptic environment that brings out hormones and feelings people never thought they had lol. XD

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, but he was never able to actually penetrate. He thought he was, couldn't fit, so i just lied to him after he kept asking for confirmation and said, "Yeah....yeah bro; you're in." and rolled my eyes as he screwed me between my thighs; dude was a giant lol. Kind of a hilarious story in retrospect. XD

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    The better part of asexuality came to me by not being married or in any kind of relationship for the last ten years, which could lead to sex. I was married until 2005, had one relationship after that for a couple weeks which wasn't at all good from the word "Go", and I haven't had sex in over ten years...and frankly, I don't miss it. Even when I was sexual, it was very confusing and felt like I was being manipulated or used. I don't like confusion. Not only that, I'm not very attractive, so that keeps the women away naturally, which can only be to my benefit, since the maturity level of heterosexual women seems to sink every year. It's gonna hafta take one very special woman to awaken sexual identity and sexuality in me again. I mean that.

    As far as agender: I've struggled with gender identity as long as I can remember. I'm bio male, of course, but I've never quite equated to female traits & mannerisms, and the male role image is so convoluted as to be repulsive. That's how I reconcile living in my own skin: by being agender.

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    I guess I am Asexual in practice, yet I do have Gay same-sex thoughts and feelings from time to time, which I do not act upon.

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    I would call myself asexual in that I have very little interest in sex. I'm a biological male. I have been bi-sexual and a crossdresser in the past. But now I just seem to have lost interest in sex

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