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Thread: Finally coming to the surface. Howdy!

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    Default Finally coming to the surface. Howdy!

    I started the account some time ago, finally time to pipe up. Been back in diapers for the last 17 years, more off than on but still enjoy being in diapers...the thicker, the better. Disposables only, double Attends and Pampers 7 stuffers.

    There's a lot of things I enjoy: family, cooking, making things work again, and collecting particular, anything related to the '60s/'70s TV show "Family Affair". I also own a complete, talking, original 1967 Mrs. Beasley doll with which I cuddle every night.

    And yes, I'm a massive Buffy fan. And have been since I was still in diapers at 2 years old. She was my first crush and I still carry the torch for her...all these years later, and even though she's gone.

    I'm agender and asexual. Hope that removes the mystery.

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    Welcome Hoorf! I'm probably one of a few here who remembers "Family Affair" with Sebastian Cabbott, Brian Keith, etc. The lives of those people in real life were interesting to follow, but tragic for two of them for sure. Anyway, that's cool you have a Mrs. Beasley doll. I know you will never sell her but it is certainly a collector's item.

    You say family- are you married? If so, does your wife know?

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    Thank you for the welcome! Was married, that was just over 10 years ago. She knew and was okay with it, but other things brought our marriage to a close...namely, the post-9/11 economic crash and me getting sick with severe fibro. Managed to adapt, overcome, albeit I require a wheelchair when shopping. But at least I still get around, so it doesn't bother me anymore.

    The Mrs. Beasley was an amazing find: considering what they go for on eBay, she was a steal at $50, and even came talking, with original apron and collar. The glasses were bought from eBay, reproduction of original, and they complete her. I couldn't bear to let her go. I have two other Mrs. Beasleys which are getting restored with new polka-dot bodies and yellow booties, their voiceboxes have been restored to working. Yep, I do that. Those are getting saved for presentation, a bit of a long story.

    It's good to see people still remember "Family Affair", it doesn't seem as prominently-featured in nostalgic circles. But I remember it all. Buffy was the first girl I fell head-over-heels for, and it happened instantly. After the series ended, I heard nothing more about anyone until a few years ago, when I learned Anissa Jones died from an overdose. It was just a final night of abandon for Anissa, as she was signing papers on an apartment building she was buying, the final signing was to be August 30, 1976...two days after her death. It still breaks my heart to this day, she had so much planned and going for her. She could've gone far, she was adorable.

    Sebastian Cabot died of a stroke 6 days short of one year after Anissa. Elvis, another actor Anissa worked with, died 6 days before Sebastian. Anissa co-starred in his movie "The Trouble with Girls" as Carol Bix. Finally, Brian Keith committed suicide 4 months after his daughter Daisy did. Now, all remaining are Kathy "Cissy" Garver and John "Jody" Whitaker. I had the opportunity to chat briefly with both online, they are terrific people.

    So, how about you? What got ya into AB/DL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoorf View Post
    So, how about you? What got ya into AB/DL?
    Little did I know, it started as a teen when on laundry day I wore all my undies at once and thought they made a pretty good diaper. Wet them a few times. I did my own laundry. Grew out of it. Later when my son was born I somehow stumbled onto an AB/DL website and it got me thinking if a baby diaper would hold an adult amount of liquid. It did and it felt good. Just happened once. Three years ago, my wife said to throw away some old pull ups from a nephew we watched. I decided to experiment and tried one on. It tore a little but more or less fit. I wet it. It felt good. I then stumbled on this site and found out there are other adult diapers other than Depends and started wearing a few samples and got hooked. I only wear occasionally when I'm alone. Which isn't often.

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    I understand, that's cool. There's as many reasons why people got back into diapers as there are people in them. Always intrigued by the variety. I wanted back in diapers almost as soon as I got out, was caught when I was 5 trying to put one of my little sister's diapers on. Nothing bad came from it, was just told I was too old for diapers and shooed out. It's a comfort thing for me, like security blankets.

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