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Thread: Diaper padding all the way around?

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    Default Diaper padding all the way around?

    Imagine a disposable diaper with padding that extends all the way around your waist/hips.
    Has anyone else wanted something like this? Would you pay a premium for something like that, even though it's practically just a novelty at that point?
    I know cloth diapers pretty much do this, but no matter how many times I wash mine, it just doesn't have that soft cottony feeling I love that disposables have.

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    I think about that too!!! I think it would be awesome but certainly not as discrete to try to wear in public. .. but the full feel you would get!!! I'd totally buy it!!! =^-^=

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    Would be great for side sleepers.
    This was my thought exactly. I'd get atleast a sampler for this reason!

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    I have always thought about the same thing. I suppose cloth diapers are similar to this though when you think about it.

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    As a side sleeper that leaks every night I would truly anything to stop this and get a better sleep

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    There are some diapers where the padding very nearly goes all the way around the waist, especially if you have a small waist and are using a larger-size diaper. I'm not sure how much of a difference the few extra inches of padding would make for side sleepers. Tall leak guards and snug leg gathers would probably make more of a difference than anything, and pointing down if you're a male.

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    yeah disposables just aren't going to be very reliable for side-sleepers, you really need to go cloth if you need to be able to wet on your side.

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    I realize that, but I'm merely speaking for the novelty of it. I've tried to emulate this sort of diaper in my youth, when I would nick some pads and stick them all into a high-waisted panty, trying to get that thick, fluffy feeling all around. Seems silly to type it out, but I worked with what I had back then. xD

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    As a side and stomach sleeper, I would love this. I think designing one specifically for night/sleep use, with no bulk concerns would be the thought process for me at least. No matter how much I have tried to wrap larger sized diapers, it just does not work for too long (not to mention it can be uncomfortable to wear). I am just not a cloth person, mostly for reasons of having to wash them and the overall feel.

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