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Thread: does it ever stop?

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    Default does it ever stop?

    Hi everyone!!

    Im curious if these strong desires ever go away. There are days where all I want is to be diapered and feel as if I'm two. I feel so much more relaxed and less stressed when wearing a diaper too so I'm often times confused as to whether I want the desire to go away. I'm just scared I'm going to be caught in a diaper by friends or family or they will find my diapers. Anyone else have these fears or concerns?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehorton View Post
    I'm just scared I'm going to be caught in a diaper by friends or family or they will find my diapers. Anyone else have these fears or concerns?

    Most of us do have this fear of getting caught at one point or another. If you live alone, the fear is less, but if you have a roommate, spouse or parent, the fear is greater. As far as the feeling going away, again, most of us here have a "binge and purge" cycle where we want the feeling to either go away or to stay. If you want it to go away, then you can try your best to tuck the feeling away in the back of your mind and find other outlets for you emotions. If you want it to stay, get padded, kick back and relax. Enjoy it. You're not hurting anyone.

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    We have all had these feelings one time or another.
    Most dont know why they are hard wired to like to wear diaper's but they do like you do.
    The key is to accepting that it's a part of you and 99.9% it's for life.
    It's been a part of me sence 6 years old as strong as ever.
    Yes I cant sleep with out them and since I have AB part's to the mix binky and teddy bear.
    Just keep it discrete if that makes you feel better.
    It's nice to keep them in a locked chest for privacy.
    Dont worry this is normal for us welcome to the little club house.

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    Hmmm, we're +/- in the same age, wish is still present, but - as to me - I sometimes can't enjoy my wish. So It's question of autodiscipline and try to not turn into some kind of obsesion.

    And be caught can be very big source of a lot of problems.

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    Those fears and concerns are very common. Very few people have the strength of character to be able to handle the kind of public exposure you fear, without a slew of negative emotions. Your fears are reasonable. You seem to be suffering from a condition known as 'sanity'.

    As for the desire ever going away: don't count on it. There are people here in their 70's that still have it. There seems to be a lack of confirmed reports of anyone freeing themselves from the desire.

    Seeking self acceptance is probably the best advice. Keep in mind that this means accepting yourself as you are right now, fears and all.

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    I have heard of people loosing it for a while when they were raising an actual baby, but that was because it consumes a lot of their time, afterwards the desire returned. As drifter said though, there seems to be a lack of confirmed reports of anyone loosing the desire.

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    At this point, I hope they don't go away. I've got too many friends who are into this and while I have other things in common, this is a powerful commonality and I feel like I'd lose something not being able to share that excitement with them.

    I also used to feel the ongoing anxiety about it and the only helpful thing I can suggest is to stop trying to fight it. There are times when it's going to be inappropriate or infeasible. Otherwise, if you feel the urge and you can, go with it. Practice being open to it and you may find the manic quality of your thoughts will decrease. Even if you can't indulge, accept those desires as legitimate but not actionable at this time. To me, that's a critical difference between resistance or denial and I think it made things better.

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    lol I made a thread like this recently. Pretty much everyone told me I'd be like this for life. ^-^ Might as well enjoy it

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    Hi Sisi hear.

    Can not think of anything more to say than has been said already.

    Other than not being happy make you sad. And no one won'ts tears before bedtime.

    I happy being little me and I know that I am going to be a boy in a group up body for a long time.

    not accepting who you are will lead to something called depression that wen you ate sad and cry a lot . In my experience having to play pretend to be an ault by putting on a act so I would be accepted the normal people was a big mistake. What is normal anyway. And who says so.

    As for coming out to friends and family. Be careful has it could go horribly wrong but if they don't like you for who you are then they weren't really your friends.

    and if your family really love you than they will won't you to be happy it just that they my not undaerstad why you still a child.

    you know your family better than anybody so you have to chose weather to tell or not.

    So far I have been a very lucky boy over this. But not evey one as been as lucky and that can end up in a bad place. So i hope that doesn't happen to you.

    Hope this helps

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    Not sure if it ever stops. The worse thing it seems one can do is try to stop it, because it seems to come back worse and contributes to an OCD-like situation, a downward spiral. All it seems we can do is keep living and just deal with it as it comes and goes.

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