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Thread: So happy!!!!!!

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    Default So happy!!!!!!

    Hey everyone

    I,wanted to tell you all that I have just done 24 hours. The only time I didn't have a nappy on was when I went for a shower.

    I have actually really enjoyed the experience.

    I have tried before but always fallen short by a few hours cause usually when I decide to do it my bladder decides to become over active for some reason. I then end up changing every hour and a half or so. I remeber one day I went through three nappies from 7am to about 12 pm. Got so frustrated that I stopped wearing for the rest of the day. I usually can last in one nappy the whole morning and then another from lunch to about 5pm then another until bedtime.

    I'm carrying on wearing but sadly my day nappies are running out. Need to go buy more.

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    It's only in the last ten years or do that I've really been willing or able to wear over longer periods. The shift is interesting and I've adjusted my expectations about them a little as a result. I'm back to the more regular 0-2 times a week wearing but it's no that uncommon for those times to go a day or two when the mood strikes.

    Glad you're having fun with it. It's neat to still be learning things about yourself and what you enjoy, even after being at it a long time.

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    Yes it has changed my expectations as well. I don't think I want to go 24/7 at this stage. But to be able to do it every now and then is great. Almost getting the best of both worlds.

    I tride my first cloth pocket nappy last night. Had to make it myself and, WOW, what a difference. Even though I chose a pattern a little to big for me it was still great. So comfortable.
    In South Africa we are limited for choice in the incontinence world. It's either this or that. So we tend to be more industrious. I found a free pattern and went and bought the materials to make it.
    I most certainly will be making more cloth nappies.
    All I need to sort out now is the logistics of washing them.

    Once I have made all 5 or 7 nappies, it will certainly be cheaper than buying disposable nappies. This is for night use only.

    Have a great day

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    I wear 24/7 due to OAB/IBS. I would feel naked without one on and I'm so use to wearing I forget I am at times.

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    Now that I am wearing 24/7, I would never go back.

    "Livin' the dream, baby, livin' the dream!"

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