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Thread: Diaper changing in public

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    Default Diaper changing in public

    So I was changing my diaper in a public bathroom today and I noticed this. Are there any adult changing tables in restrooms anywhere

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    No adult ones, but those are great when I use a restroom that has it. I open it to set my stuff on it and prep for a fresh one. Restrooms can be so nasty, so those r great!

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    Yeh I opened. It and laid my stuff out. Then placed my disposable pad onto the floor and changed

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    that's a changing station for an infant. It's got straps so you can buckle the kid down across the waist while you change them and they don't squirm and roll off the platform and fall on the floor. Some places stock the overhead compartment with supplies like wipes or lotion. (most don't, and there's just advertisements or instructions etc in the spots)

    You're not going to find one for adults. There's usually no lifting an adult up onto something like that. Some places DO have "family rooms" in the same place as the restrooms. We've got one in the adminstrative building on campus where I work. At first I thought it was probably a room to change clothes in or something like that, but it could be very easily used to change an adult's diaper. The room has no sink or even seats, but does have a mirror, coat hooks, and does lock, and the floor is a fairly large area and is clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandboxphil View Post
    Phoenix Airport has an Adult Changing Station.

    What terminal is that in? I fly there occasionally and it would be a lot nicer to change in there for sure.

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    My local mall has an adult changing station. Basically an enlarged disabled toilet with a fixed changing bench and a powered hoist. There's a campaign in the UK to build more of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandboxphil View Post
    Phoenix Airport has an Adult Changing Station.
    I've gotta admit, I have a hard time not believing this is fake/Photoshop. Guess I'll take your word for it though. Cool if true.

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