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Thread: I just took a nap wearing a diaper and...

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    Default I just took a nap wearing a diaper and...

    ...all my dreams featured me wearing that specific diaper. Crazy, right?

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    My wife wore a DC Amor all night to tease me. This morning she said in her dream she was wearing the Amor with an Active ultra plus on top of it! I thought that was weird!

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    I often dream about wearing the very diaper I'm actually wearing while sleeping. I think since we can feel the diaper as we sleep, it's logical to dream about it.

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    I tend to dream more about diapers when I am not wearing diapers. Which usually ends up with me wetting the bed. XD

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    Same here brabbit. Heck, I just put my sheets in for the fourth time this week. What's really weird is it seems that after more and more regression dreams, The more at peace I become despite the wettings. Sure I wasn't really in touch with my ab side, but I guess it at least reminds me of back when my mom would spend almost every day with me. Hugging me, reading to me, etc. Course, it all got cut short when I became an uncle at the age of six. At which point I was told to "grow up" so that I could "set an example" for my nieces and nephews. I just felt like I lost my childhood. I still remember coming home each day of grade school crying because of just how bullied I was. I still remember some of them telling me to go kill myself. It got so bad I had to go to a psychiatrist over my depression and the statements that followed in suit. Now that I think of it, maybe that is why I enjoy regressing. It reminds of the only time in my life I truly felt safe or happy. Sorry for posting this revelation of mine here. One thing is for sure though, I'm going to pad up, grab my baby blankie (which I still have since my childhood), and take a nice nap.

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    I only have diaper dreams after wearing them to bed for several nights in a row. My dreams frequently find me trying to avoid detection. I guess I fear getting caught.

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    Sadly I haven't dreamed a lot about diapers, but I guess wearing them to bed every night has me in a routine. Still haven't been able to wet them without me knowing. Maybe lucid dreaming could help?

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    Trick for that, daydream/think of a dream where you are wearing diapers or are a child etc. It helps when jump starting a dream.

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    I dreamt about the exact diaper I was wearing last night. It was not a good dream, though, as I was doing everyday stuff with other people and just worried about being found out. When I'm not wearing (which is most of the time), I occasionally have diaper dreams, often sexually arousing ones. Actually, the one-two times a year where I indulge in diapers, it is almost always triggered by a row of dreams.

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    A lot of what you dream about comes from what you were thinking about recently. So just think more about diapers during the day (and right before bed?) to increase your chances of diapers in your dreams.

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