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Thread: My brother, ruiner of dreams and distoryer of hope.

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    Unhappy My brother, ruiner of dreams and distoryer of hope.

    Hey Adiscer's, I feel things have been pretty great, but i kinda feel i have brother issues again, due to him hurting my grandmother, in several ways that i really don't want to get into. Now on one of my threads i said that my brother is not as bad as i thought, well that's a half truth at best, the thing is its hard for me to put him as bad or not bad, and it changes on a day by day basics, and i like to put people as good and evil, and his morality (or lack thereof. )makes it hard to put him in one or the other, also i tend to think that there is good in everyone, but i will admit its hard to find it in my brother, Due to his behavior and his inability to live his own life and to always copy my hopes and dreams and life like a copier and do them better then me, I am going to give you a few examples, I wanted to be in pastors class, I tell him with him in the car, Next thing you know he's in pastors class. I want to live in a RV, (Don't ask.) Next thing, he wants to live in a RV. I want to move to japan, Next thing, He wants to move to japan. If that's not bad enough he's abusive to my grandmother, and calls her fatty, diabetes, and other bad things just because she has a condition called Chronic Venous Insufficiency that swaps her metabolism and makes her fat. The thing is she used to be skinny as a rail but then this happens which makes her fat even when she doesn't eat at all. In spite of all of this she keeps telling me to persevere in college but its hard to especially when he is with her alone i am honestly afraid that he will hurt her, and or go on one of those school shootings you here about on the news, and it kinda scares me, even more then college does which is what i should be focusing on, and also to escape I have my ideas for animation and working on my YouTube, TV show and video game ideas as well as my regression/fantasy time in my room which helps me calm down, but i really want to kick his butt, punch him, kick him, but i can't sadly, and i just get so angry, sad, frustrated and other random feelings when thinking about all of this, That i just want to scream and say screw you gambit, then run away. But I can't and it really gets on my nerves along with so many other feelings that i really don't know what to do. I'm sorry if this is too wall of text-ish, but my situation with my brother is too long and complicated, and well it's difficult to say what to do with it, I just really need advice and comfort right now.

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    How old is he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brabbit1987 View Post
    How old is he?
    About 2 years younger than me so 20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyninjaW View Post
    About 2 years younger than me so 20.
    While he does sound like trouble, has he ever actually physically assaulted your grandmother? Personally, if he isn't physically harming anyone at the moment, I would try talking to him about it and possibly to try and get him to knock it off. If he is prone to violence, I would suggest you alert the authorities next time he tries to harm anyone.

    I do have to mention though, brothers can be a pain in the but. Him copying you, might very well mean he looks up to you in some way. It could be that he is jealous. It's really hard for me to give proper advice because I don't know him.

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    It's possible that your brother is copying the things you like and want to do, just to bug you. The best thing here is to ignore him. He's not worth getting upset over. Concentrate on yourself and your own future, which is eventually getting away from him, as far as possible.

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